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6 things to know about the man who would save KPMG SA


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  • KPMG Africa & # 39; South has announced the appointment of & # 39; Ignatius Sehoole as its CEO on Wednesday morning.
  • Sehoole replace Nhlamulo Dlomu, which soon long & # 39; work means trying to save the company from reputation damage was itself.
  • It is however not the first device & # 39; new CEO at & # 39; KPMG. The first joined it after it failed to pass through the gate in & # 39; Deloitte.

The new Chief Executive & # 39; KPMG SA Ignatius Sehoole must work hard before in & # 39; very firm associated with the capture of the first state, and then the collapse of the VBS Mutual Bank. His predecessor Nhlamulo Dlomu, who was appointed a year ago, was expected to do so only, but left a "global strategic role" within the company.

But Sehoole seems smooth – perhaps thanks to a complicated story and dishonest.

The hidden waters and troubled companies are not new to him, and even has some activism under his belt certificate

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Here are 6 things to know about the new CEO & # 39; KPMG.

He went into finance because it was driven by white men

Sehoole a degree of & # 39; honors in business from Vista University and a certificate & # 39; theory in accountancy from UNISAS, along with & # 39; & # 39 diploma; general management at Ashridge Management College in Great Britain. He qualified chartered accountant and cut his teeth as an internal audit group manager for Fedics Food Services.

"I chose grade & # 39; BCom because it irked me that the tax consultancies were either owned or run by white men. I am curious about the subject and wanted to change that ratio," said Sehoole f & # 39; archived interview with sister publication & # 39; Business Insider SA, Fin24, in 2009.

He was expelled from his first university

Vista and UNISAS were first Sehoole universities studied. He started in Northern University (now Limpopo) as BCom student, but was expelled in his first year, he told Fin24, having made a protest when the university has misappropriation on boarding and lodging & # 39; money – including his.

This is not his first stint in & # 39; KPMG – having Deloitte did not want him (at first)

Sehoole not foreign to the firm & # 39; the audit is now conducting. Join & # 39; KPMG having failed to enter the program & # 39; articles of & # 39; Deloitte failing a test & # 39; ability to auditors there. Still determined to engage in a prestigious firm, started at KPMG and Deloitte another try next year. This time got inches

He helped to establish the Exchange program & # 39; Thuthuka

The bag & # 39; Thuthuka is one of the most attractive because of the following benefits: one is mentorship from established CAs.

As the president & # 39; SAICA Sehoole played an active role at the start of the program in 2001 to increase the flow of & # 39; CAs required by & # 39; & # 39 into desperation mode, SA, especially black CA.

He had a short stint teaching

Sehoole she got entertained at the University & # 39; Vista for years. F & # 39; comment about the days of his teaching, he told Fin24 that "I am very passionate about developing and empowering people. I see them as best they can & # 39; is .

He once tried to stop employment in & # 39; Transnet after just three months

While started his young career, Sehoole worked for Transnet.

"After three months working for Transnet, I wanted deny filled my time … but in my time & # 39; & # 39 notice, three months. I worked there for nine & # 39; months – under pressure."

He said that the institution was so polarized by race at the time that you & # 39; feel the tension and "I just could not deal with the mindset & # 39; ' tomorrow is another day ".

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