Monday , June 27 2022

Burger King franchisee Grand Parade triggers unusual action by-the JSE


The first Burger King in South Africa opened doors budgets in Cape Town on 9 May 2013. Picture: Rafiq Wagiet / EWN

Print the first time in a DECADE-the-the JSE That power exercised Print That's we have … there's a lot of animosity and Between-the shareholders-the-board …

André Visser, JSE

The Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) Published on Wednesday a list of gripes From Institutional Investors Who Want to oust Grand Parade Investments, incumbent board.

The critical issue must pertains to collapse in-the Grand Parade's share-price an after the focus shifted budgets From gambling to fast food.

Another issue Was-the Remuneration of directors and CEOs and CFOs of-the churn.

The JSE ISSUED a directive to Grand Parade Investments to communicate to shareholders-the grievance.

Grand Parade, however, FAILED to adhere to-the-instruction, said-the JSE.

The Grand Parade-the franchisee of Burger King, Dunkin 'Donuts and Baskin-Robbins in Southern Africa.

The Money Shows Bruce Whitfield interviewed André Visser, General Manager at-the JSE.

Listen to the interview-the Below-the audio (and / or scroll down for more Quote from it).

It's an unusual September of facts we needed to considerin. Theres's a process to follow … We particulars DECIDED Print unusual step to take …

André Visser, JSE

The company budgets Has Reason for not publishing information … Looking at the-for-the-fact Could we not see a Reason to delay …

André Visser, JSE

Our role to the rema … Completely impartial and to disseminate information at-the-time appropriates …

André Visser, JSE

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