Tuesday , September 27 2022

Grew hyenas taught lesson after exhausting speed lion [video]


These hyenas in the National Park & ​​# 39; Kruger did not have the last laugh in & # 39; this occasion having picked someone twice their size, and b & # 39; many options to call back -up.

Amber Soames sensational footage caught by a & # 39; 19 years show the moments after killing wildebeest, and predators destroyed around its dead carcass. At first, things were quite amiable, with the lion's share of which will … well, the lion.

Lions vs. hyenas in Kruger Park

But then the hyenas had some ideas on their stations. They tried to win the fight with rivals of their cats, and realized they had numbers on their side. There were at least half of & # 39; & # 39 dozen; the critters trying targeting the lion & # 39; back and try to take block from the legs.

In scenes not seen nothing The Lion King, The predator turned request assistance from his pride – within minutes, we see two other lions dating scene. They pick up the pace and call to the hyenas once confident, switch them off completely.

The drama continues as the hunter becomes the game: The group & # 39; hyenas (well, actually a "cackle" of & # 39; hyenas, but still …) then should make their best to avoid becoming a meal for pride, lessons restoring the natural balance.

How to take the perfect video at the National Park & ​​# 39; Kruger:

Soames withdrew its experience to the official website of the National Park & ​​# 39; Kruger, describing the thrill & # 39; As observed. The university student also picked up some advice & # 39; rad for visitors looking to catch their own breathtaking videos:

"I came excited as the suspense grew, as I knew I some kind of & # 39; drama would happen and was willing to. For other visitors to the park are seeing such, the advice I give is to you just patience and persistence because when there are many predators in the same scene, the action & # 39; any kind should be closed. "

Amber Soames

Will the hyenas learn to stay in their lane next time? Probably not. They saw themselves and tried to take it. But when the tables turned, flipped b & # 39; tremendous speed. Just stick to the wildebeest as your main course from now & # 39; ahead, guys.

See the corner of hyenas & # 39; Kruger lion here:

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