Thursday , October 6 2022

IN THE IMAGE: The total lunar eclipse of woos watchers


The eclipse lasted about three hours: during the first hour of the full moon has been gradually swallowed & # 39; shadow of the Earth, then an hour & # 39; Total eclipse which was not invisible but instead seems colored by & # 39; hue & # 39; red, orange and pink, followed finally by new again, bright and brilliant.

The full moon appeared larger than normal because it was closer to the Earth – about 222,000 miles (358 000 kilometers) & # 39; away – and made it the nickname "Super Moon".

Other Monikaturi include "Wolf Moon", a traditional way of & # 39; how to create a monthly eclipse & # 39; In January, and "Blood Moon" because of rust color and its red. Hence the name for the event & # 39; this year "super moon wolf blood."

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