Monday , September 26 2022

NPA to drop the case of milk Estina related Gupta


The National Prosecution (NPA) Authority is dropping its case on "capture the state" against Gupta family members and accused business associates who were involved at the stage of Estina dairy project in the Free Country .

The NPA sent a letter to lawyers for Gupta and their associates on Wednesday, and informed them that "not received any information on requests for mutual legal assistance made to India and the United Arab Emirates, and therefore -investigazzjonijiet not finalized. "

"The state will lift b & # 39; provisional basis accusations against the accused in 4 & # 39; December", he said.

However, the NPA, while talking to Business Day on Wednesday, stressed that this does not mean that Estina case was dead.

"We niddaħħlu again prosecution once our investigation is finalized, and all outstanding information [is] achieved ", said the spokesperson Luvuyo Mfaku.

The NPA Friday had to send the final document and act & # 39; accused in the case, alleging that R250m intended for lifting & # 39; poor poor farmers was sifatturat companies to Gupta.

But, as finalized that investigation, will withdraw b & # 39; accusations provisional way against the former CEO & # 39; Oakbay Nazeem Howa, grandson & # 39; men Gupta Varun Gupta, former CEO Association Sahara Ashu Chawla, director Kamal Estina free Vasram and three government officials of the provincial State Peter Thabethe, Sylvia Dlamini and Takisi Masiteng.

They faced charges & # 39; fraud, theft, conspiracy to commit fraud and theft, breaking the Act on Public Finance Management, violate the Act and Companies violate the Act sections Prevention a & # 39; Organized Crime.

Earlier in 2018, the high court in & # 39; Slemfontein decided it was not satisfied that there was adequate evidence linking R250m in & # 39; Gupta assets with the alleged scam.

Judge Phillip Loubser stated that the evidence the state claimed was "unreliable" and showed "many shortcomings that remain unexplained in & # 39; this point".

The NPA did not attempt to appeal against that decision.

F & # 39; August, the head of the company trough Gen Godfrey Lebeya told the committee of the Parliament of the portfolio of the police unit investigating cases where more than R40bn had been displaced from KOTRI state as a result of alleged "capture the state".

While talking about the Estina investigation, he said the Hawks had obtained 302 bank account report, as well as statements & # 39; 139 witness.

Lebeya added that two & # 39; search and seizure operations were carried out and the audit company was acquired to analyze the flow of & # 39; funds related to the alleged scam.

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