Tuesday , March 28 2023

Pretoria Girls anti-racism activist Zulaikha Patel to go nude in protest against violence based on gender


It qaletha and the group & # 39; young women will join in sieqa demonstration outside the Magistrates Court & # 39; Pretoria Friday, want to make a statement that rape is guilty of & # 39; anyone.

"We will not be completely naked. We will be sitting down and keep boards between our legs."

Patel said she was expecting about 20 people to join the protest.

The campaign carried out in 2016 was against school policy hair, after black students said they were instructed to orient their hair.

Petition signed by more than 4,500 people, which requires government intervention.

Report after that year found that teachers enforced school policy & # 39; school without sensitivity.

The policy of the students met with & # 39; success stated that hair must be stripped, whether connected long enough and maintain the surface. No dyeing, bleaching, coloring or peeling were allowed.

He also stated: "Kadrows, natural dreadlocks and singles / Braid (with or without extensions) are permitted, provided they are b & # 39; maximum diameter & # 39; 10mm. Singles / wounds should be the same length and color natural hair of the girl. "

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