Sony PS Vita PlayStation Vita Toio 1

A patent filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment and published this week prompted many believe that the Japanese giant can & # 39; is working on a successor to the PlayStation Vita, but despite documentation showing new products such as cartridge, does not have x absolutely nothing & # 39; & # 39 intersects with; hypothetical handheld – instead, it is a toy called Sony Toio released abroad the previous year.

Many believed (hoped) that the company was in fact forced successor to its portable line, because the PS Vita is scheduled to officially set up next year. But the patent shows a cartridge identical to those used in the above mentioned product, and is not related.

Sony PS Vita PlayStation Vita 2 Toio

The manufacturer admitted that Handhelds are "one way to deliver games experiences" in the past, but the chances to create PS Vita suggests success in & # 39; this stage – especially while it is hands-on with -PlayStation 5 behind the scenes. Of course, new portable impossible if circumstances arise c good – just seems unlikely now. And this patent is, unfortunately, no evidence & # 39; something.