Thursday , June 30 2022

The new boss 'confident' of KMPG again & # 39; restore its reputation


The company confirmed the appointment of & # 39; Ignatius Sehoole as chief executive on Wednesday.

The offices & # 39; & # 39 Johannesburg; KPMG. Picture:

JOHANNESBURG – The South African KPMG & # 39; South Ignatius Sehoole says it is confident it will make an impact and change the audit firm pushed around.

The company confirmed his appointment as chief executive on Wednesday as they sought to retain customers after several political scandals.

Sehoole, the former deputy chief executive of & # 39; domestic unit & # 39; PwC, will take in & # 39; hands of Nhlamulo Dlomu, which is increasing year after it was brought to restore the company's reputation.

The chairman of KPMG Wiseman Nkuhlu says the appointment & # 39; Sehoole is part of the transformation of the organization.

"Our culture, we have been busy to change a number of & # 39; processes & # 39; commitment, will ensure that they are under a leader who will be a model in ethical behavior and & # 39; quality processes. We really started to stabilize and boost at 12 to another 13 months. "

(Edited by Mihlali Ntsabo)

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