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WATCH: "Killing is not linked & # 39; Satanism" – killer sentenced in the case & # 39; Krugersdorp


Collision sentenced proved & # 39; cooling in court on Wednesday on the role played in the murder of & # 39; 11 people from sataniku alleged cult zone & # 39; Krugersdorp.

Marinda Steyn told the High Court of South & # 39; & # 39 in Gauteng, Johannesburg as she participated in the brutal murder but denied that the killing was sataniku.

Marinda, former school teachers, currently serving 11 life and another 115 years in prison. Her son, Steyn Le Roux, attract state witness and currently serves effective for 25 years. Both were convicted separately in & # 39; May.

Daughter Marinda, Marcel Steyn, 20, Zack Valentine, 33, and Cecilia Steyn and pleaded guilty to participating.

The three were part of a five alleged killers & # 39; Krugersdorp dubbed "Electus for Deus" (God Eligi) allegedly committed 11 murders between 2012 and 2016.

Marinda denied Cecilia was satanista and leaders of the group & # 39; their friends who met regularly to plan & # 39; Cecilia. It also rejected the testimony given by witnesses, including Le Roux, which implied to Cecilia in 11 murders

The alleged leader had "accepted Jesus"

She claimed that met regularly as a group & # 39; friends in the bedroom & # 39; Cecilia.

Marinda to Cecilia described as her best friend and said that the relationship was a mutual one.

"I do not think it was satanista. Depending on how to define the term. I know it is mixed with & # 39; bad people at school. At school she was a rebel, she wanted to be like rebels. Teacher at the school. I do not think continuing personality after marrying.

"Cecilia was a Christian. She accepted Jesus and truly know God", she said.

She said in & # 39; a stage, Valentine qaletha who wanted to kill Natacha Burger, who was a member & # 39; Overcomers Through Christ Church was being led by Pastor Reginald Bendixien. Burger was assassinated in & # 39; October 2012.

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"I did not take him seriously then. Zack (Valentine) and Mikeila (wife & # 39; Valentine) later talked to me and said they killed Natacha plus & # 39; old lady. The throat was cut. Scene and ensure that their car was taken to valet. I told them to ensure that no one knows about the murder. "

"I wanted to kill this man"

She said that she and Valentine was killed because he was a Bendixien to manipulate her friend Ria Grunewald.

Bendixien killed in & # 39; November 2012.

"In my book he (Bendixien) was a bad man. I went to Zack to help me killed Pastor Reg. I blackmailed him that if he did not help me say the people who killed Natasha and old lady."

Marinda and Valentine, who were dressed in police uniform, headed for home & # 39; & # 39 Bendixien in, Honeydew and killed.

"Zack had an ax and was standing behind Bendixien while I am talking with him. It hit him on his head with & # 39; hair and drop & # 39 ;. Told to Zack to stop because they wanted to kill to this man. I urge men and stabbed him in the stomach. I saw the blood came and went for his throat, "she said.

Marinda denied Valentine allegedly killed because they wanted to stop Mikeila "group & # 39; their" friends. Instead, said she was killed because she wanted to report it to police and was infidelity.

death focused

It also witness how she, Le Roux and Peter Meyer killed Valentine, 51, and Joan Meyer, 47, f & # 39; November 2015 when it sought to seek financial advice from the dead. The plan was to destroy the couple & # 39; R46m had in their distress.

Instead, they are left with empty hands after killing the Meyers.

She said 16 & # 39; December 2015, Le Roux and John Barnard, who is currently serving time & # 39; Prison & # 39; 20 years, played a role in helping Valentine to stop his death.

They drogaw man and prevented him later turned into the car & # 39; & # 39 in Valentine, Petrus Steyn, Free State.

The trial continues.

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