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Why Pochettino is so "amazing" explains the star & # 39; Tottenham Alli


Praise: Dele Alli & # 39; Tottenham Hotspur
Praise: Dele Alli & # 39; Tottenham Hotspur

Dele Alli commended the manager & # 39; Tottenham Mauricio Pochettino as a tactical genius behind the mastermelling of & # 39; victory & # 39; 3-1 at Chelsea.

Spurs had their most advanced as goals from Alli, Harry Kane and Son Heung-min b & # 39; certainty got a smooth start to rival & # 39; London to the countryside.

They are made using the & # 39; high picture wiping out the impact of the midfielder & # 39; Chelsea Jorginho and worked wonders as Spurs killed their visitors will open at Wembley.

Alli, who scored his sixth goal in & # 39; five matches against Chelsea, praised the approach of his manager.

"I think working with & # 39; Poch know how well", said the England international. "It's best manager tactically.

"A lot of & # 39; it was the work done tactically: on the feet & # 39; before, pushing & # 39; above.

"He is managing well team, turn when it needs, choose the players he feels are the best f & # 39; that day. That's important for the team, to have players who are fresh and ready to go. Everybody knows their roles and responsibilities. "

The way & # 39; against Chelsea screen gives optimism & # 39; Spurs before the big week, could & # 39; to see the championships & # 39; Champions League decided against Inter Milan on Wednesday before the north & # 39; London against Arsenal at the Emirates.

"We keep it as our level," added Alli. "We can not to bring, and also we need to improve.

"We've got a month crowded and fixtures really hard, and this gives us confidence that going in & # 39; these games that can meet everyone.

"Chelsea are the best, have some players & # 39; best and were in great shape.

"So to perform the way we did, to niddominaw the game so much, so getting chances, we have seen that we keep it.

"As I said, we just need to keep this form and us improve, with nidħlux or remove our foot off the pedal just because we got a good win.

"We just want going into the next matches, just focus on the next game, take the positives from this game, and there are still things we need to improve."

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