Thursday , August 5 2021

You will soon be able #MuteRKelly on Spotify

Soon be able #MuteRKelly without waiting for others to intervene on your behalf. Okay, turn and other artists who do not want to contaminate your musical sanctuary called Spotify.

Service & # 39; music streaming Spotify is working on a feature that allows users to block any artist. This makes that invisible artist on the service & # 39; streaming, both personal library & # 39; the user in the list of & # 39; playlists, curated lists the play automatically, on maps, in radio, in any case.

According to a report by Thurrot, which has access to the beta program Spotify on iOS, you will not even be able to play the songs of the artist from their profile. However, the app will still have songs that appear on them.

Apparently Spotify planned to begin offering the blocking feature in 2017, but after consideration decided rather not implement it in & # 39; that stage. It had a change of heart in the light of the recent controversy in the music sector.

Last year Spotify other known (and kontroversjalment) to remove R Kelly from the curated playlists, and can & # 39; Kelly is at least partly thanks to the following characteristics. new documentary detailing the accusations against the artist over the past two and a half decades, called Surviving R Kelly, Increased calls to give consumers the ability to boycott the work of the individual on platforms like Spotify.

The feature is still in the wild, but hopefully soon coming, even so we can make sure the Vengaboys never worm their way into our Find weekly or Release Radar playlists.

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