Sunday , April 2 2023

10 phrases & # 39; Peña: the votes & # 39; Cristina, Carrió, the elections & # 39; Buenos Aires and the "error & # 39; management" government


The chief of staff at La Nueva Argentina meeting, organized by LA Nacion Credit: Capture

After remaining & # 39; & # 39 several weeks; silence, the head of the Cabinet of the Nation,

Marcos Peña,

He gave an interview in the third edition of & # 39; La Nueva Argentina, organized by
IN NATION, And referred to the eventual economic recovery, the electoral landscape of next year and in internal government.

Peña spoke a few days before the start in the city & # 39; Buenos Aires summit of G-20, which will convene & # 39; the presidents of the major world powers in & # 39; Costa Salguero.

The official, interviewed by José del Rio, Secretary General of the newspaper, and Martín Rodríguez Yebra, editorial secretary, spoke about the incident for the final Copa Libertadores, security for the international summit and the opposition. Subsequently, the most outstanding phrases.

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