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48 hours & # 39; total isolation: sanitary protocol for Hantavirus lived a reporter of & # 39; Clar – 01/19/2019

They say that the Hantavirus is a gun with 10 photos drum and has only three charged. When the fever appears on your horizon, the cylinder rotated and hammer starts to recover. This is because 30% of & # 39; those infected die. But one thing is to listen to & # 39; the anecdote and other symptoms become body in your body. Then the perspective changed. It is already known that the virus can & # 39; is lethal and everything they do doctors have to help move from shore to another: from health diseases or suffering to death.

F & # 39; Rio Negro and f & # 39; Chubut is enough symptoms manifest b & # 39; such that a strict protocol & # 39; insulation relieved that it is intended to certify the contagion and isolate the person you & # 39; spreading the virus. It was my turn that makes anyone "suspicious" hours after he returned on 13 & # 39; January from Epuyén to Bariloche, which made for journalistic coverage Klar. Symptoms were there and there were no excuses. They keep me away from others.

The words & # 39; this article began to circulate in strong isolation which continued for 48 hours at & # 39; fish tank room Zonal Hospital Hospital of & # 39; Bariloche. The health authorities in the province recognize the hospital in & # 39; Bariloche is the institution with the most oil protocol.

Hours after it comes from the city affected by the outbreak of Hantavirus, which has already left 12 dead, started by cooling. It was one of the worst morning of Sunday & # 39; my life. In the morning I had fever, diarrhea, pain and desire to vomit on my body. Send WhatsApp message 9 & # 39; the same day the director of & # 39; hospital, Leonardo Gil. His response was encouraging and without makeup. "It seems gastroenteritis, but since you're coming from Epuyén, we will have niżolajk", he explained.

Claudio Andrade, chronic & # 39; Clar.

Claudio Andrade, chronic & # 39; Clar.

The protocol requires that the patient is admitted after 3 minutes to explain their problem in the hospital. Immediately nurse will ċinstrap, following a general review, followed by blood sampling & # 39; rigor, the samples & # 39; urine and faeces and X-rays of the lungs. Everything with lightning speed and in vertiginuża block and efficient.

Beyond blood studies can provide key clues to identify contagion, the person will be placed f'pavilion provided the samples collected from the Buenos Aires Institute Malbrán. It will take between two and three days.

From that moment the patient stops come into contact with & # 39; others. No greetings M & # 39; there is no kiss. M & # 39; there are no relatives with whom they share a mate or a simple conversation. During the 48 or 72 hour duration of the process, will receive the attention of doctors, nurses, cleaning people, health assistants, t They will be dressed as in & # 39; film called "Virus" or "Pandemic". This is the tonic.

It protects the device is made of reinforced ċinstrap, special goggles, wearing blue ankle length, latex gloves.

The patient is allowed to leave the room with its own means or opening the door and crying hurts like "Someone iġibni tea?". M & # 39; no room for concessions. Your saliva steam m & # 39; must pass through the air outside the room.

The hanta virus is enough kriptiku doctors prefer to do calculations optimistic. Patient affected can & # 39; be a good morning and late afternoon.

The suspected case has line & # 39; & # 39 serum connected with, permanently and consume good amounts of & # 39; nor water because dehydration is a strange fact. Turn are given gastric protectors and ibuprofen which fever kept under control.

Fever & # 39; over 38 degrees, respiratory increase (accompanied by pain in the side & # 39; lower back) and picture & # 39; general exhaustion are profoundly true and clear symptoms & # 39; infection & # 39; Hantavirus.

Two days after my painting and cruel fear passed, doctors arrived with of negative news in my case. Probably was infection & # 39; unknown origin. Joy will soon be affected. According to my itinerary, I relatajt doctors, speaking to & # 39; a woman that her husband died in & # 39; December. It was necessary to check how it was doing. Meanwhile, they issued me a certificate & # 39; home isolation for 30 days.

I still convalescent, taken in my home b & # 39; mulbulanza, dressed like doctors visited. I put away down, got Spotify and shouted a few without consolation. F & # 39; suddenly, I under arrest b & # 39; one difference: No child or neighbor or friend can visit me.

The next morning, hospital officials qomni from mobile: "The lady is good and out of isolation, you & # 39; issue, but remains & # 39; careful these 30 days for any fever."

And here I am, writing something confusing. We hope that time passes and there is no fever because then turned the cylinder begins.

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