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Adopted a child, did not know who had cerebral palsy


Messiku.- It all started with & # 39; xukma, a baby It was abandoned in hospital & # 39; Rosario; however, that the rumors become a cruel reality, but, fortunately, Benicio was adopted for a couple

The couple had been married for two years and be aware baby Abandoned little more than a kilogram of & # 39; weight touched the hearts & # 39; Pablo and Damián and decided adopt it.

Quickly, went to meet baby neonetoloġija of the hall, was born six months pregnant and the mother never gave to birth control.

When Pablo and Damián they come to life Benicio, Had a month to live, doctors ensured that marked before and after contact with in his recovery, few felt abandoned.

The first baby He had a fight with & # 39; intestinal infection that threatened his life because of the immaturity & # 39; of its organs, but after 45 days in neonatoloġija, managed to survive.

"I had weighed four & # 39 kilograms at birth and when discharged from hospital, we miżen two kilos seven & # 39; percent. We ħassewna from the first day. We have gone through different situations, but for us there was nothing more important world than his health. the doctors did not know if it was going to spend the night and now, at 31 & # 39; in October, will be & # 39; four & # 39; years. "

It was five months after leaving hospital & # 39; Benicio, what Damián and Pablo they noticed something strange in – baby

We consulted doctors and spiżika Find out cerebral palsy with quadriplegia. F & # 39; that moment, we started with medicines and treatments.

Benicio He has undergone surgery to improve his condition, it was necessary to correct bone which went out of place in the side and placement & # 39; Botos in knees.

The children's parents are still looking for the best for him.

We found an alternative in Mexico, f & # 39; Durango, which is minimal surgery on the muscles directly. The postures are corrected b & # 39; small incisions and the result is a full life, said Pablo Noticias.

When contacted Mexican specialists, received positive news; however, there are 48 correction for children and to submit required financial resources.

"The surgery will improve the quality of life by by releasing the muscles, the brain ceases to take care of part of the movement to handle other functions like speech." On August 17, they called to tell us that Benicio It was good to surgery that cost six thousand dollars. Damián again & # 39; bring furniture and work as a hairdresser, so try to collect money & # 39; bingos, lunches and sales & # 39; food ".

For those who want to support them with & # 39; any way, can contact the couple in [email protected] email.

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