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After 28 attempts this year, Vidal ask teachers to return to parity – 11/26/2018

The government bonaerija bring parity as f & # 39; re trying to close the long conflict with & # 39; teachers. Sources & # 39; Affairs confirmed to Clar that Wednesday 16 will meet with the unions in the sector to make the eleven bid & # 39; salary increase for teachers and instructors system.

The call is known after the Front of Union Unit (made by the FEB, SUTEBA, UDA, SADOP, Amet and UDOCBA) became the last week the number 28 in the current school year. The measure included March through center & # 39; and protest in Buenos Aires Province districts.

The team & # 39; María Eugenia Vidal define f & # 39; those hours the forthcoming proposal on the negotiating table. F & # 39 last October, the government proposed to pay Up 30 percent that month. And added plus for & # 39; teaching materials.

The leaders rejected the offer. They wanted to be for September 30 b & # 39; a introductory clause which will be automatically applied according to the level of & # 39; inflation.

There was no agreement and announced a strike. Now Economy technical seek alternatives to be able to end the year with & # 39; signed par. Analyze the incorporation Another 3 percent for basic and include the bonus package & # 39; 7,000 pesos to be paid in & # 39; two payments during the month & # 39; December. It is one of the many variables are analyzed, according to sources consulted Clar.

"Will we are providing what we can get", provincial officials repeated the chorus. The discussion of the most extensive wages of recent years will have a new chapter on Wednesday at the Ministry of Economy.

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