Friday , December 3 2021

After CALU Rivero, another hearing for Andy Kusnetzoff: Paulina Rubio got & # 39; We Can Speak PH & # 39;


This week, Andy returned in & # 39; a similar situation: that everything was prepared Tuesday for recording the program and that day was selected by & # 39; special way. It is always recorded on a & # 39; but on Thursday a special guest request, which was Paulina Rubio, Changed.

Marina Calabro advanced radio Miter on this scandal and Teleshow He made contact with the production cycle: they confirmed the information and data contributed slightly more to the curious situation experienced by the & # 39; successful program.

Everything was prepared. The invitation was made by Telefe people, not by Kuarzo producer, responsible for the program. And within minutes of the start of registration, Paulina said she had an attack of & # 39; panic and left the study.

The guests were surprised at Andy & # 39; that position and some said that when Paulina Rubio explained to him that the recording lasted three hours, he had decided to leave without taking care of the good habits and a commitment assumed with the program.

The singer had to excuse herself by saying that attack & # 39; panic, but The people think that having designed knew the number of & # 39; hours to be recorded, decided to leave the study using as a matter explanation & # 39; health.

Andy seems to have become fashionable allowed to stand within minutes of the start of the program. I hope that this fashion ended with the flight of & # 39; Rubio from studies & # 39; PH we can talk.

Before the surprising departure of singer, ready with all guests, had found a substitute & # 39; emergency and production was called Polish Álvarez, But the start was delayed for more than half an hour until the driver arrived. The other week another surface & # 39; KZO, Noelia Marzoli, Had come to replace Rivero CALU.

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