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After menopause, women have a higher risk of & # 39; heart disease than men


We are not all equal, and this means that nidħux equally or confront ourselves alike. For example – safety Judith Zilberman, The Argentina Society president & # 39; Hypertension Arterial (SAHA) – only for the fact that women run, postmenopausal, much more likely to suffer a heart attack than men, only 10 years after . But we rarely informed.

"F & # 39; country, one in three women dies from cardiovascular causes; b & # 39; contrast, 1 in & # 39; 5 dies & # 39; gynecological cancer," she adds, worried, to this specialist in gender -mediċina "the challenge is to ensure that, after 40 years, women consult a cardiologist at least b & # 39; natural way to go to the gynecologist", added to his speech with & # 39; LA GACETA after his dissertation on Tucumanas III Jornada de HTA.

another look is required

Because we are not equal, and because the differences may come to infinity, what to look for medicine gender is "fair comparison" which includes biological differences related to gender, and socio-cultural references to sex , explain to Zilberman and his colleague Salary Minorities (Former president of Cardiovascular Disease Unit Committee of the Russian Federation of Cardiology) in & # 39; section of the Magazine of the Federation.

"To include a & # 39; the last (sex) within the medical hypothesis is to recognize as predictive variables and predicts how the generic structure, stereotypes or social, educational, cultural, etc, influence health and gender, "the text adds.

It's that sex and gender are combined and create profiles & # 39; different risk. "In women, the hormonal influence is crucial and affects every stage & # 39; lives. The estrogens have kardjoprotittiv effect, are involved in cholesterol metabolism, acting on vascular walls and regulate metabolism bones, preventing osteoporosis. the decline in estrogen and androgen increased in peri and menneskija increasing risks b & # 39; exponential way, "explains Zilberman.

CAN & # 39; & # 39 FOR YOU KONSIVWOSTANZA; GENERATION. Judith Zilberman recommends that women, after the age of & # 39; 45, do not have consultation with a cardiologist.

The concrete: about the menopause and thereafter women, if they suffer the HBP, we have three times the risk of suffering a heart attack than men; and if we are diabetic, five times.

And another fact: situations & # 39; replacement & # 39; term hormone, in the case of & # 39; postmenopausal women or transgender women do not alter the cardiovascular risk. Namely, receiving estrogen protects, but does not generate problems if there are no conditions & # 39; previous risk, such as smoking more than five years, sedenteriżmu, obesity or changes in cholesterol.

This is not all; the fact that cardiovascular disease was traditionally 'male' disease is not the only legend to be issued: Our body is "designed" by & # 39; otherwise, he adds.

"The arteries are thinner and their route is more tortwa, and when the hormonal status changes at menopause, recipients fail, and obesity and increased cholesterol (which increases the risk of & # 39 ; formation of plaque in the arteries)). Then our most vulnerable makes anatomical constitution, "he explains.

And how occur symptoms is also different. "The HTA is associated with & # 39; pain & # 39; head … but what happens is that the pain also generates increased tension, nerves", he explains and reports that 1 in 3 women feel the typical symptom (the feeling that the foot & # 39; the pressing elephant on the chest, describes). "And besides, it adds, women are more resistant to pain, to reduce the perception of & # 39; risk.

"Other women has symptoms third" atypical ": cutting & # 39; breath, or generalized abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, among others", he says.

different approaches

As nikilfux not the same, nor should it be the same treatment. Zilberman explains that the clinical trials conducted to establish the efficacy of the medication to be treated & # 39; design: a person & # 39; 1.70 meters and 70 kilograms.

And in shared work with & # 39; Del Sueldo in the Official Journal of the Federation of Cardiology & # 39; Argentina, date enlarge: "The FDA (Administration & # 39; Food and Drug & # 39; USA) made an analysis of & # 39; 163 drug used in & # 39; cardiovascular disease and found that 11 are shown larger difference than 40% in pharmacokinetic properties between men and women. it is important to stress that women clinically greater risk of presenting adverse drug reactions, f & # 39; relationship with & # 39; men, "highlights the text.

"Obviously" says in an interview, "you should take medicine on a & # 39; case b & # 39; event, as it does in paediatrics. The dose can not be the same if the height is lower, or weight is different. not to mention the co-morbidities … want to know, for example, as the liver metabolised medication, what other remedies are administered, etc. ", Adds and allows dreams & # 39 ; health professionals trained to think about interkonsultazzjoni a fundamental game rule.

The other dream, of course, is for women to take care of themselves.

> 14/9
These are normal blood pressure values ​​in the general population.

> You or you are not hypertensive?
The blood pressure can & # 39; rises when doing physical activity, pain or stress
The increase in blood pressure values ​​generally physiological response to situations such as exercise or others that require some effort, because certain parts of the body require extra oxygenation. The pain can & # 39; also cause an increase in pain (this is why the pain & # 39; head is mistakenly considered as a symptom of & # 39; hypertension). But in & # 39; these cases, quickly, the regulatory mechanisms of the organism render back to normal parameters.
The problem occurs when these mechanisms do not respond and the pressure remains & # 39; high. F & # 39; these frequent and accurate checks cases are essential "should be taken with & # 39; vijometri validated and properly calibrated, have taken on the side of & # 39; inner arm (never on the wrist) ; two measurements must be taken and disposed of first, and results m & # 39; shall be rounded up ", explained Judith Zilberman, president of the Argentina Society & # 39; Arterial Hypertension.

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