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After the failure of 2×1, Rosenkrantz called for "independent even of his convictions" – 04/12/2018


F & # 39; one of the hottest days of his arrival to the top of the Court, Carlos Rosenkrantz yesterday defended his vote in the "Batalla", where he was left alone in front of his colleagues in the court rejected the application of the controversial 2×1 to a person convicted for crimes against humanity during the illegal repression. The judge warned that "the Court and the Judicial Power of the Nation should improve and should do so with & # 39; urgently." "

"It is about the renewal of judicial culture. Is that m & # 39; no judges b & # 39; health, but judges b & # 39; authority," he argued. "And we never have authority if naġux b & # 39; independently. The idea of ​​& # 39; independence must be independent also our moral, ideological and political ", explained Rosenkrantz, b & # 39; a clear reference to his solitary vote. "The ideal of & # 39; independence needs to be dispensed with & # 39; what he believes is morally, politically or desirable ideologically to decide solely on the basis of & # 39; what he believes is legally correct." F & # 39; event & # 39; doubt, the judge clarified that it will offer "a example autobiographical", and recalled that last year, following the judgment of the Court benefited from 2×1 to another repressur with name & # 39; Luis Muiña, there has been "extended social reaction & # 39; refusal, which in my opinion was b & # 39; her health. The presence of people in the streets witnessed that we all believe in Nevermore to barbarism. But in & # 39; that moment believed and I still strongly believe that now is the commitment expressed in & # 39; New never be carried out in practice in any way and at any cost. as with -No way to respect the law and the Constitution, "he concluded.

Rosenkrantz then review a rapid sanction the Congress & # 39; Law "explanatory" leaving offenders of 2×1 & # 39; crimes against humanity, and because of that law yesterday "the rest of my colleagues decided that 2×1 is not applicable to these offenses. I voted with & # 39; difatt because in my opinion the law is unconstitutional because it violated the principle of non-retroactivity of criminal law is the more onerous. La f & # 39; Muiña nor today was it made it easy for me to decide how, "continued the judge, before an audience & # 39; ministers, governors, judges and prosecutors which has been referred under absolute silence.

How did before Clar In a recent interview, Rosenkrantz recalled his work with & # 39; Raúl Alfonsín and Carlos Nino ġuristu, "intellectual father of human rights in Argentina". "But I had to establish a clear difference between my personal commitment and my role as a judge. Judicial independence is the only way to be faithful to the Constitution. And it is the only way to achieve progress, the -ġustizzja and well-being. It should be our navigation letter, regardless of how the waters are storms ". The fuse of the controversy was still burning.

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