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After the last climb, the dollar begins to low – 11/26/2018


After a sharp departure & # 39; more than one weight closed on Friday, the dollar started the week steady progress 7 cents, to $ 38.43, according to the average of the Central Bank. In Nation sold for $ 38.25, about 20 cents below the last closing.

The wholesaler, on the other hand, having started low, now stuck jump & # 39; 55 cents, for $ 38.05. This market is operating banks, large companies and the Central Bank, and their contribution affects the retail channel, where to buy savers.

The gap & # 39; more than one weight, or almost 3%, which showed the dollar in the wheel Friday, raised some warnings between operators and analysts. That day, currency rose $ 1.07 and ended at $ 38.51.

The exchange rate ended? The interest rates go down too quickly? Those who wagered on the "carry trade" profitable? The pre-election climate already started in the definition of & # 39; investments? All those questions circulated Friday and surely re & # 39; install on Monday, When operations resume.

Well, this Monday You'll complete reference & # 39; Wall Street, That did not work Thursday and Friday he made half the events & # 39; Thanksgiving.

On Friday but declined by weight & # 39; generally all emerging currencies were devalued against the dollar. This Monday, b & # 39; systems to function with & # 39; usual way, perhaps greater supply & # 39; foreign currency will be observed to supply demand and price in the local market will not be so high .

With a rebound of the dollar, which ran during the week, the exchange rate wholesale almost 4% & # 39; above the floor area of ​​& # 39; exchange, They came to rub against 15 & # 39; in November.

Operators are certainly uncertain because some variables are reluctant to accompany the reduction in the exchange rate and rates from the beginning of the monetary program in & # 39; October.

He stressed that the prices & # 39; the debt bonds they akkumpanjawx that change in mood, so the return rates & # 39; these documents – which are summarized in country risk – are reluctant to decrease, still news worrying.

Both the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank trust that when the first known private data (or advances) Inflation & # 39; November The humor tends to change. There are already figures project that can give less than 3% for the month coming to an end and closer to 2% in & # 39; December.

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