Wednesday , June 23 2021

Alien: Blackout announced in Games Awards 2018

The Games Awards are getting closer, and it seems that one of the biggest surprises will have x & # 39; shared with the Alien franchise and its flagship Xenomorfi. What you f & # 39; mind this time? Find f & # 39; this note!

The concession Alien It has a complicated history in the world of video games with incredible triumph and spectacular failures, and each time announcing a new title, the gods coin toss to see which side will fall & # 39; on. The cycle starts again, according to the rumors, and the next chapter will be called Alien: blackout. This will be a shooter for consoles and PC, And will be announced in – The Games Awards 2018 f & # 39; December.

The last week, 20th Century Fox created a registered trademark for a new video game entitled Alien: blackout, We do not know much. However, this is aligned with & # 39; teaser made by the host and driver & # 39; The Games Awards 2018, Geoff Keighley, Which included images by "THE WORLD WILL JIBBRA"(" The world will change ") in & # 39; source similar to WEYLAND-Yutani the film series. WEYLAND-Yutani, by the way, is a corporation that wants to use the Xenomorfi to make the money.

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As the developer behind Alien: blackout, We are still not clear who we should. Rumors indicate that it can & # 39; is the study & # 39; US cold Iron, The subsidiary of & # 39; Fox call FoxNext This is a study recently acquired set up in 2015, and includes members & # 39; cryptic Studios (Creators & # 39; Neverwinter and City & # 39; Hero). In a statement to the press in early 2018, Fox commented: "we work earlier fans & # 39; Cold Iron, and everyone in FoxNext is excited to work with them to create persistent and packed earth, and covered by mysteries of the universe Alien"Persistent? It will be something kind Destiny? Whatever the case, it will certainly be aware on 7 & # 39; December.

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