Wednesday , March 22 2023

"Alien: Blackout" is the new brand & # 39; related computer games with & # 39; Kojima and registered by Fox


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F & # 39; some point during the year, implying conducted notice shooter a & # 39; caliber based on the saga of films known and accepted a & # 39; Alien, B & # 39; this way the xenomorfi could be back in the world of computer games after year & # 39; absence, Isolation for example, had its most milqugħija game & # 39; the (recent) to consider.

Considering moving like accounting & # 39; Twitter about the registered name and photos Hideo Kojima crossed in his visit to studios of & # 39; Fox, everything indicates that there is something we can not stop. At the moment we can also mention that there are people who are related to the phrase (and typography) of & # 39; 'theWorlds will change"With the logo"WEYLAND Yutani"From the universe of & # 39; Alien. Personally, it seems very little and do not think it is similar but Gaming Awards It is a ceremony that is always on the lips of & # 39; rumors, suspense and the like. Anyway, the official account of the Games Kojima responded to "The world will change!" in photo upload & # 39; in your Twitter account a visit in studios 20th Century FOX.

We will give attention to the transmission to take place on 6 & # 39; December to see if the studios & # 39; Fox show us that it is so much uncertainty, Twitter messages and photos.


Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / Cover

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