Saturday , June 25 2022

Ángel de Brito surprised by the announcement of the merger & # 39; re panelist with LAM


Welcome! Ángel De Brito announced today that on Monday, the new angel will come in LAM.

The driver sorpona even its own members from split unexpected novelty in social networks.

"Monday, we will broaden żiedna new #ANGELITA … @LosAngeles_ok #LAM" he tweeted the jury & # 39; Dancing next to the image & # 39; animation & # 39; angel.

Has wanted to know when Yanina Latorre again & # 39; entered, absent for holidays on the panel, and the journalist explained that "Monday also, we are preparing surprises …"

"What surprised? I hope not surprises & # 39; m ….", The little angel was surprised without debate, but only managed to Angel says Yanina had lost lifting room.

The driver did not want to reveal the identity of the new panelist, but gave some indications before the followers asked.

The angel is reintegration, m & # 39; & # 39 should work, share anything Laurita with Fernández, not Natalie Weber, Esmeralda Miter, Mica Viciconte, Connie Ansaldi, or Amalia Granata, is popular and is the second boiling.

Who will it be?

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