Sunday , June 26 2022

As the atypical earthquake to shake the G20


In the Faculty of Astronomical and Geophysical Sciences of & # 39; University & # 39; La Plata they felt the tremors. some professionals are going through corridors to talk to each other and to search data that allow them to explain what happened. Until confirmed, through their sismografi, that It was an earthquake.

"They all began to operate here. We thought it was an earthquake because it is very normal, but it was " Nora explained Sabbione, of the Seismology Department and the Meteorological Information Faculty.

By the sismoloń°iku station records & # 39; La Plata, professionals could determine thisE tried "event & # 39; natural origin", recorded at 10:27:44 local time.

"What we found is that as what really happened is a natural event, earthquake ', Said Sabbione in the platenses media statements. The specialist confirmed that "was not originated by man".

Meanwhile, the vibration, which many residents felt a & # 39; La Plata and the region, was recorded at a distance "between 30 and 40 kilometers' city. "We expect to have a detailed analysis because it is not common in the province & # 39; Buenos Aires are natural events", said Sabbione.

It is unusual episode in the region. We go back to 1973 to find a similar event in the province & # 39; Buenos Aires, According to the expert.

Moreover, Sabbione said "the time difference between the first wave to arrive and start waves called surface waves was between 4 and 5 seconds and ran a few more seconds." And did not replicas.

On the possibility to provide this type of & # 39; event, the director of the Seismology informed "When events & # 39; such low magnitude b & # 39; generally there is no previous rallies, what we know as a precursor phenomena. "Say, can not be predicted.

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