Wednesday , December 8 2021

B & # 39; two objectives Borre, the River caught substitutes 2-1 in Gymnastics Landmark


River preserve its Copa Libertadores holders Superfinal, will complain in Boca & # 39; Madrid, and has training b & # 39; habitually substitutes minors receiving Gymnastics and Fencing La Plata, The Monumental, f & # 39; & # corresponding game 39, the fourteenth of Superliga data.

The meeting is at Antonio Vespucio Liberti Monumental stage, with arbitration & # 39; Silvio Trucco and television of & # 39; Fox Sports Premium.

The alternative alignment & # 39; Marcelo Gallardo was ambitious from the start. And, second action & # 39; risk elaborate, Nicolás de la Cruz gambeteó and found the crack, and Rafael Santos Borre, who will not play the Superfinal to be suspended, put the 1-0 on 7 & # 39; Game.

The goal forced the Wolf to leave: a boost, began approaching the vicinity of & # 39; Lux. A header from Cataldi generates nearly filled situation & # 39; morbidity (grandson & # 39; Guillermo Barros Schelotto to millionaire) And Venezwel Hurtado caused the Archer intervention.

The neighborhood felt more comfortable spaces, going. And forced the central, youth Alvarez showing intelligence Oreja is to highlight a side function of defense and incisive De La Cruz, in the version River went to find.

35 & # 39 ;, further proof of the freshness of the guys from River to excite the club trainers: Cristian Ferreira manages cunning b & # 39; & # 39 putting, but head & # 39; the ball went out. The win, before the cross & # 39; defense and the issue of goalkeeper, led the Colombian, it was located well: 2-0.

At the beginning of the second half, the Gymnastics was quickly established: Hurtado fought ball, and sent center Matías Gómez connected. The body & # 39; arbitration understood that the ball crossed the goal line, even if the ball broke Lux.

The cast "millionaire", what enterresemana suffered the elimination of Argentina in Copa simply & # 39; hand the rival & # 39; this Sunday, Campus is limited due to injuries. One of those affected, Ignacio Scocco, working against time to recover from tear in the right twin and can & # 39; join the delegation will leave for Spain.

Another & # 39; "touched", the Colombian Juan Fernando Quintero, bear overload and in the right leg twinned, while Uruguay Rodrigo Mora fight with & # 39; synovitis of the hip, a & # 39; old product damage. Meanwhile, defender Luciano Lollo – potential holder against Ġinnastika- suffered violations of stress second metatarsal of the right foot, so it will be low until next year.

Gymnastics, well & # 39; minor.

The outlook on the team side of La Plata are similar to those River. Those led by Pedro Troglio also had before a final – on Thursday, the Copa Argentina against Rosario Central-, so the visit of the Monumental presents alternative training.

Arena: Antonio Vespucio Liberti (River).
Umpire: Silvio Trucco
TV: Fox Sports Premium.

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