Tuesday , June 28 2022

bad relationship between Isco and Marcelo?


Marcelo Vieira, side – Real Madrid, Launched spotted dart to his partner, Isco Alarcón, since shield not working enough, or at least, as the new coach wants, Santiago Solar, To earn their trust and have minutes of the game.

Everything seems to indicate that Isco, Had a run-in with Argentine coach last weekend, when remaining & # 39; in stands & # 39; before Rome, And Marcelo revealed one of the reasons why not happy Solar

"All players want to play, but what they do is work", said Marcelo when questioned on the situation & # 39; Isco. "It jienx the one to give advice, we're seniors, parents, and we all know what we do", he said.

"All players want to play, but it's time to work, this is what they have done all actors, we work, with ngħidx I do not naħdemx, but football is so, see what you're failing and improve "said the midfielder & # 39; Madrid.

Situation & # 39; tension between Isco and white club coach Santiago Solar welcomed the victory against Roma, and qualify for the eliminatory stage of the Champions League. "We want to be first in all competitions and we wanted to stay in it & # 39; Camples until we reach the last sixteen", concluded Marcelo.

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