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Battlefield V – LevelUp


Controversial since its announcement, Battlefield V is a game that has been on the lips of & # 39; everyone, but not favorably because meaningless controversies such as the historical authenticity of personalization and the inclusion of women in combat roles against; unfortunately, assurdament. Notwithstanding the above, our experience within Battlefield V goes far beyond complaints & # 39; vocal minority to evaluate x & # 39; is really and offers the game: one of the multiple experience of the moment most refined and vizzjuża.

F & # 39; this occasion, the package includes Battlefield V is divided into two main components, the largest and most important is the multiplayer and, on the other hand, the narrative section debgħet in the last installment, which will be displayed emotional passages of history that few have explored. That's all that follows, let revising component of the campaign.

This delivery again & # 39; use the device to count small stories that can be made within the conflict of war to inspire; They are three stories, plus one additional & # 39; which will be added later. Contain find emotional narrations b & # 39; strong messages about the war and the people who participated in it. Perhaps the most powerful is that Tirailleur called, story which controls Senegaljan child is called to defend homeland feared & # 39; him and, moreover, never rahlu. It is part of the French Colonial Forces in southern Allied invasion & # 39; France and is a story that shows a sharp contrast with & # 39; issues & # 39; nationalism, racism and brotherhood. As Tirailleur, the rest of the stories have something important to say, however, the feeling is ephemeral and hard, because they are extremely short and constantly interrupted by & # 39; film sequences.

"You will find emotional narratives b & # 39; strong messages about the war"

The level structure is more or less open. By & # 39; this we mean that the design follows the foundations of total war which recognize the concession; here you will reach targets in & # 39; distant places: sabotage & # 39; transport vehicles in & # 39; villezzjoni, with paper & # 39; intelligence in & # 39; central city and disruption & # 39; supplies runway at the other end of the map, for example. The specific design of the war stories is f & # 39; some of the optional stealth strategy which are conjugated gadgets can & # 39; expect from a title to use these mechanisms. For example, the enemy soldiers monitor the area to be aware of your position, run communication tower to enhance the alarm; On your part, it is possible to sabotage the equipment to prevent reinforcements reaching the battlefield. However, this design is also limited because the freedom of cut protection levels & # 39; when it reaches an arbitrary point that triggers the development of writing. This is the & # 39; above lends itself to move towards the target without giving attention to the enemy, to stop the action and disables maġikament chaos have left behind, including alarms.

With stories of war, albeit briefly, DICE impose & # 39; benchmark f & # 39; narrative matters by showing human stories that may occur after one of the most infamous conflicts in history, to assume that is an admirable achievement. However, we feel that it was able to demonstrate its performance, because the sequences of & # 39; action last breath and are sometimes limited by its structure to put too much importance in cinematic aspect, it raises unpleasant moments.

Stories of War

All that said, the multiplayer component scale, aspect that defined the franchise since its inception, is refined exercise, extremely satisfactory, but above all, safe and tested. F & # 39; so, you & # 39; & # 39 kinds of notice; maturation in the work dynamic in & # 39; team, resulting in & # 39; some new sentazzjoni explored in the series. For this delivery, Battlefield V redefines the essential dynamics & # 39; competitive experience from teams and teams by offering independence and collaborative flexibility, even if the rules of the game now tend to punish individual game.

"Battlefield V redefines the essential dynamics & # 39; experience"

The feeling of & # 39; before achieved by introducing a & # 39; Such mechanical wear, movement and modifications to the resurrection of the participants. F & # 39; this field & # 39; new battle, all classes beginning with & # 39; reduced ammunition, a few cartoons to their arms, causing classes & # 39; support necessary within the scope of & # 39; battle to provide their coaches. Next, the doctor now not the only class that can & # 39; re & # 39; raising the bankrupt members of the battalion, however, any class can & # 39; to raise wounded soldiers, all this, as long as they belong to the same team. On the other hand, the medical class continues to do its work without the previous distinction.

Similarly, Battlefield V It is a tremendously dynamic delivery when we talk about movement and animations of the characters. Here, the fundamentals & # 39; the soldiers persist agility, because they can pass through the cover and walls without much effort; the characters can be reduced by & # 39; organic way depending on the situation, you can & # 39; also appear on the screen when, for example, comes & # 39; on the ground while moving back and see the torso of your character, which gives visual indication of & # 39; weight on your position on the map.

The fighting experience is b & # 39; agility, chaotic and unsatisfactory
The fighting experience is b & # 39; agility, chaotic and unsatisfactory

The result, as we said, is an increase in team dynamics by providing a sense of & # 39; cooperative independence motivate participants & # 39; team to remain united to fill and renew themselves, to create a close link between the participants & # 39; each side hygienic experience that is both methodical and strategic and always filled & # 39; action. The highest point of & # 39; & # 39 work in; be a team where all members & # 39; patrol do their work with & # 39; correct way, receiving points & # 39; new special replenishment in the series, allowing team leader to convene strong attack aircraft: the V2 able to destroy entire army.

"A dramatic increase for the series"

Also, other new additions to the experience is that it is now possible to create fortifications in & # 39; arbitrary points on the map. This revolutionize gaming system since it is now possible to modify the scope of & # 39; battle in your favor to create offensive opportunities by organizing and defensive walls, trenches and even centers & # 39; replenishment, as well as artillery and places & # 39; against air defense of & # 39; a & # 39; checkpoints. We think this is a great addition to the series, although its implementation is a little confusing because its appearance is arbitrary, sometimes you & # 39; tibnihom, but mysterious in & # 39; others are appearing in their absence .

Next, the system of & # 39; & # 39 fights; Battlefield V changed in & # 39; relationship & # 39; what appeared historically in the series, and maintaining complex mechanics as output speed and rate & # 39; shooting, among many others remain as estate franchise systems. F & # 39; this occasion, the system & # 39; suppression and random deviation arsenal replaced & # 39; of & # 39 system; compression. this position Battlefield V f & # 39; & # 39 in a particular position; relationship & # 39; Other current competitive games that use the same system, because in the end, the game is adequate and modern. The result is the delivery of war b & # 39; & # 39 exceptional system; fighting, which is organic and intuwita to learn; With nħassibx when we say that the battle system is the highest point reached by the series.

The elements & # 39; personalization are applied to characters, weapons and vehicles
The elements & # 39; personalization are applied to characters, weapons and vehicles

In addition, all weapons have passive skills to modify their behavior trees, which element we are not so satisfied because each new bid to open a progression requires special items to enable these skills. By the way, Battlefield V & # 39 has a system progression of resistance; namely, to unlock weapons and artifacts & # 39; each class, it is necessary to use each and go & # 39; on the ladder to receive degrees, by 1-1, a selection of & # 39; weapon. Once you are determined to discover the hidden potential of & # 39; each arm and class, is when these systems seem to offer their maximum potential weapon and class that can adapt according to your style of play. The only factor that jfixkelna is the first to punish players who start to enjoy the experience, because they simply do not have the necessary tools, and give the impression that they are disadvantaged.

"Battlefield V is one of the best series of payments"

Although the game has some decisions & # 39; questionable design, prevents the attachment of & # 39; above you, Battlefield V It is one of the best serial deliveries, mostly because of & # 39; fighting system is exceptional, but we found that DICE is missing a lot of work to Battlefield V Get reach your maximum potential. To mention some aspects that prevent the game reaches its beauty, we find that the balance of the four classes available in the game suffers because of the variety & # 39; limited supply of arms and & # 39; roles & # 39; fighting. Examples of & # 39; reference, some archetypes of roles does not result to be effective as others, and b & # 39; so some feel obligatory choice to be competitive.

In search & # 39; pink fog
In search & # 39; pink fog

Regarding classes, the team & # 39; attack dominates the battle fields with & # 39; & # 39 arburanti of; attacks, b & # 39; proper training, are devastating under any scenario & # 39; appearance; They are also the nightmare of & # 39; armored tanks because, ridiculously, can be equipped with launchers and dynamite shooting at the same time. On the other hand, the medical class suffers f & # 39; & # 39 situations, fights between countries due to its poor supply & # 39; weapons is limited to subkamini, it kuntrastata compared to & # 39; support, you can & # 39; awkward to use 3 different types of & # 39; weapons. weapons, these mechanisms are average, lightweight rifles and shotguns. Notwithstanding the above, we are optimistic that a balance b & # 39; & # 39 with his health, future updates.

"Battlefield V offers attractive options for all FPS fans"

On game modes, Battlefield V It offers some of the tried and tested ways of the past, like the classic conflict of Conquest scale and fights & # 39; blocking & # 39; Domination and Team Deathmatch. Moreover, recent increases return, but do so with & # 39; as evolved as battles & # 39; Breaktrough, where the aim is to overcome the defense of the enemy to capture the points and move the offensive line to fund terrain enemy. Similarly, the operations of the final delivery, return b & # 39; as evolved in Grand Operations in & # 39; mode & # 39; kinematic game where the goals of the war and the conditions of & # 39 ; victory and defeat made during days at & # 39; multiplayer conflict spread drying narrative to define winning side. And above all, the promise of the Tide mode persists War, which is a way that resembles a large campaign that will evolve over the weeks. In short, Battlefield V offers attractive options for all FPS fans, both for those who prefer the classic experience, for those who prefer confrontations close and personal.

The changes in climate Battlefield V

It is in the customization department where we find it Battlefield V A few of the authenticity of the conflict which is inspired out. Here we find that the characters can change their appearance and even sex, and, at this point, we feel that the uniforms look flat due to lack of & # 39; badges or substitutes & # 39; any type identifying the degree and their side. Other thematic difficulty lies in the arsenal because they offer both sides the same and can & # 39; is strange to start a game in Powers & # 39; Axis using the subkamina made by the British. Here was possible effort, and it is even wasted opportunity, to offer system & # 39; asymmetric game, both sides use different weapons and artifacts of war, according to the side to which they belong.

Now, the level & # 39; personalization is very basic and offers a handful of & # 39; thematic options that you & # 39; connecting to different thematic wearing uniforms. Its implementation is very basic and very simplistic and does not increase the gaming system, although some players find a carrot in front of the yard to enjoy themselves.

"Erase love has almost sick to unify environments and scenarios over maps"

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