Sunday , December 5 2021

Beatriz Salomón received hip prosthesis and will run tomorrow: "It was a disgrace"


The first urgent, so important. That motto seems to mark these days & # 39; Beatriz Salomón, After which he entered the Fernández Hospital on Thursday, 19 & # 39; November (m & # 39; no details about the real reason for his hospitalization), suffered an accident in his room making essential the posting & # 39; prosthesis.

On Wednesday morning, the actress dropped by & # 39; serum bag that had fallen to the ground. And the hard impact of his fall caused a fissure. "Urgently I need & # 39; prosthesis of & # 39; dual mobility b & # 39; long completion segmented for pathological fractures: three doses of & # 39; cement with segmentation piston is waste material and place . It is urgent because if not, I can not leave my, Is a fracture near the groin and thigh ", said Beatriz beloved.

The desperate request & # 39; Salomón (Video: "Every afternoon", a & # 39; The Nine)

A few hours later, the lawyer Ana Rosenfeld he confirmed him Teleshow doctors already received prostheses indicated, thanks to the donation of company Total Bone Supply. "It was good work and disinterested", said the lawyer, a close friend & # 39; Solomon, to confirm this the operation will be performed tomorrow.

"It is in good spirit, born", said Rosenfeld, "this is garron why, because the hospital is usually done to give new medication for the issue of his health, this incident took place. Nothing out & # 39; divide with & # 39; the original hospital. "

Then it will be urgent thing: save & # 39; this Friday. "I am balanced and stable, very good to carry the operation", said the actress. Then the key will be: his recovery. And both situations faced by Beatriz & # 39; great courage.

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