Sunday , December 5 2021

Blame it on the spit Reflect & # 39; MACRI …


The problem was not the failures in the & # 39; security operation led Boca Juniors to a group of micro & # 39; fans & # 39; River nor the "violent" stone that has opened to players in the area where there was no police wires. For President Mauricio Macrì, CONMEBOL decided to play the Superfinal delayed between River and Boca at the Stadium & # 39; of & # 39 Bernabeu; Real Madrid and "punish" us because of the spit that FIFA President Gianni Infantino received the Monumental sweeteners, episode considered "much more serious than what happened on the road."

The President again & # 39; called for "a profound reflection on the part of & # 39; all" acts & # 39; violence that occurred during the week in which the final was scheduled. But this time he had no goal against football leaders, a group that was part of it, nor against barrabravas who threw stones. Not to mention the operation allowed the shipment, the federal forces participated me, make clear against "those who fled other violent person".

"Much worse seems to me a violent ones that emit stones b & # 39; Collectively, violent ones left on someone else ħdejnhom. I think it is unacceptable what happened in the River confectionery challenge & # 39; the international football authorities ", said the President when you talk about such degradation. Then, he insisted that the act "has much work & # 39; made by decision & # 39; punish us and tħallilna getting the final on the River Court" e "influenced this very issue more than what happened on the road. "

So when the CONMEBOL announced the transfer of the final to Spain, the President had an informal meeting with & # 39; Infantino. Along with the announcement of the president of the American organization the & # 39; South in & # 39; Asunción, the Museo Casa Rosada MACRI took advantage of the presence of Switzerland to talked for a few minutes, after concluding the toast to President of the Council of Ministers of Italy Giuseppe Conte. I was in Argentina for the G20.

Before confirming that Spain would host superklassika Cup, the FIFA boss had asked the Cambiemos "leader if it was true that the game would be played in & # 39; Madrid", according to news news agency Argentinas.

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