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Boca CONMEBOL asked to suspend Superfinali and "corresponding sanctions" for River


as anticipated, Boca Juniors claimed that the rescheduling of the Copa Libertadores final to be suspended and sanctions applied for River after midfielder Pablo Pérez he will return to the concentration of & # 39; medical center and certifies that it is physically affected.

"The Club Atlético Boca Juniors made a formal presentation this Sunday to claim the final Copa Libertadores played in & # 39; conditions & # 39; equality," the statement issued by the entity four & # 39; Only hours after the start of the meeting.

Moreover, the institution asked xeneize River be punished for assaulting incurred by the team. "Boca considers that these conditions are not met and request the suspension of the game, as well as the application of sanctions", he said.

It is hard offer on the performance of the game and minutes before the president of CONMEBOL, Alejandro Dominguez, said that "m & # 39; there is no doubt that the game will play in & # 39; 17 '.

The body & # 39; American & # 39; South is covered by the "gentlemen agreement" signed yesterday afternoon at the Monumental with the president & # 39; Boca, Daniel angelic, Where xeneize entity committed to play the game.

However, the leadership of & # 39; Boca is covered by regulations CONMEBOL clarified in paragraph 2 & # 39; Article 8. There is set to the local club, as the meeting organizer, "is in charge of security inside the team in its adjacenzi before, during and after the game."

The scandal began on Saturday at 3: 06, when the micro-Xeneize had neglected before bodies & # 39; hundred River that left the rocks and beer cans at & # 39; 100 m to enter the stadium.

The security agents tried to control the situation by spraying pepper and armed complicated cocktail for Boca players: into the clothing room with sight problems, vomiting, cuts in the face and two players with a splinter in & # 39; eye, including the Captain Pablo Pérez.

Statement & # 39; Boca, 4 hours & # 39; away from the game

The Club Atlético Boca Juniors made a formal presentation to CONMEBOL Sunday to calls for the Copa final Libertadores played in & # 39; conditions & # 39; equality, as agreed by the presidents of Sudamerikana entity, Boca and river, in the minutes signed on Saturday at the Monumental.

Yesterday afternoon, Boca Juniors asked to postpone the match because of the accident and was established as a priority that can & # 39; place under the same conditions. After the acts & # 39; suffered violence at the stadium vicinity, having noted the magnitude and severity and consequences generated in the establishment, Boca considers that these conditions are not met and asks the suspension of the game, as well as the application of sanctions provided for in Article 18, CONMEBOL to act accordingly.

In an official notice, the club asks xeneize which runs Article 18, where the following sanctions are established for clubs that violate the regulation.

The sanctions Boca asked to apply for River

1. The following sanctions may be imposed, individually or jointly for the same offense, at clubs and national associations, in accordance with Article 64 of the Statutes CONMEBOL:

a) Warning.

b) Warning, warning or alert.

c) Economic Fine, never be less than DOLLARJI OF & # 39; THE OTHER NATIONAL AIR (USD 100) or more than DOLLAR hundres AIR FOUR THOUSAND (400,000 USD).

d) Cancellation of the result & # 39; game.

e) Repetition & # 39; game.

f) Reduction of points.

g) Determination of the result & # 39; match.

h) Obligation to match behind closed doors.

i) total or partial closure of the stadium.

j) Prohibition to play a game at a particular stage.

k) Obligation to play a game in & # 39; country.

l) the disqualification of the ongoing competitions and / or exclusion from future competitions.

m) Retirement & # 39; title or award.

n) Withdrawal of license.

o) Prohibition & # 39; sales and / or purchase & # 39; tickets.

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