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Boca negotiate fine to remove the closure and allows c Bombonera possible celebrations


Within a few hours of 2018 Copa Libertadores Superfinal at the Monumental, the leaders had to draw Boca unexpected end: remove closing the Bombonera, Especially to think about x & # 39; it is hypothetical celebration of their fans if the team manages to devote champion.

The idea of ​​& # 39; Daniel angelic and peers of the Board of Directors is that the club can & # 39; meet & # 39; to Group pay a fine administrative and economic procedures to enable & # 39; leaves behind the preventive closure ordered the Government of the City & # 39; Buenos Aires. Moreover, since this situation does not require the institution to carry out works, Nor required inspection & # 39; routine.

"If the club to pay the fine, closing. The failure is due to public surplus ", explained Gustavo May, Director of Monitoring and Control of Government Control Agency, in dialogue with & # 39; TN.

Image of aerial drone TN shows the excess of the public in the court & # 39; Boca.
Image of aerial drone TN shows the excess of the public in the court & # 39; Boca.

The penalties occurred on Thursday afternoon, due to the lack of & # 39; control that was generated during the Bombonerazo, open training to the public as those led by Guillermo Barros Schelotto received the support of the people before -grand final.

The city authorities decided to disconnect from the stadium spread & # 39; fans: More people-powered capacity into the area, which generated that there are people in & # 39; undue areas, such as stairs and spaces reserved for issuance fans.

From this situation, there was a mix between club and security managers. From Boca say Tuesday they received authorization to perform this huge event, but acknowledged that the situation went wrong. However, Patricia Bullrich has joined the debate and strongly criticized what happened: "It was a total lack of & # 39; control", Is assured in TN.

"You should be careful, be cautious, can not open such a court. Moreover, thinking not only in the party, but in celebrations & # 39; after. This generates day of the game situation is not convenient ", explained the Minister of Security of the Nation, guest We already large.

As said the official, the main concern is the festive time: if you fail to win at Boca & # 39; Núñez, the idea is that the fans are celebrate the Bombonera and b & # 39; so liberating other places in town, like the Obelisk. Therefore, it is expected that Friday afternoon, agreeing to the closure removed.

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