Thursday , June 30 2022

Both will win Florentino Pérez and Madrid with final Libertadores?


The president & # 39; Real Madrid, Florentino PérezAdduced no impediment to that 9 & # 39; December is still the stadium Santiago Bernabeu is the scenario of the game & # 39; reimbursement between river and mouth for the final Copa Libertadores 2018.

Although it is controversial final, following after serious riots in the stadium landmark and engaged in & # 39; & # 39 measures, important safety, this time Florentino Pérez decided to open the doors all open Bernabeu to celebrate the final of the Libertadores CONMEBOL.

But the big question now is: Why now and before? Perez, Who resigned to receive the final of Copa del Rey barter & # 39; about 2.5 million that the Spanish Federation paid it football to rent the stadium, will now receive a similar economic amount, although more important for the maximum the president & # 39; Real Madrid is not that the economic returns, it will be noticeable, but the media impact that will have the event.

It's that for a few days, the – Santiago Bernabeu Real Madrid will become citizens of football information center worldwide. Global Showcase which enables washable image of the white club and its size even more. the – Real Madrid will become the third player of & # 39; this end, although not jilgħabhiex.

In addition, it will be campaign & # 39; an important image for Real Madrid and president of the white club, which, incidentally, will also use it to hide the poor image that the merengue team is offering on field. Undoubtedly, full & # 39; marketing operation.

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