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Brenda Asnicar, new Gilda: "It is the biggest challenge of my career" – 06/12/2018


The – first contact & # 39; & # 39 producers; Gilda, The Series with & # 39; Brenda Asnicar It was through & # 39; Skype. Two hours lasted speaking of & # 39; Benjamín Avila, director of the project, with & # 39; the actress, who has lived in Colombia for many years.

He told her his idea and was looking for this new version of the popular singer. She, in turn, was more than interested, told him about her fanaticism from tropical singer and assured to enable & # 39; construe be fulfilling a dream.

The director & # 39; Clandestine Childhood (2012) was very happy with & # 39; that first contact, but Brenda, simply cut off communication, felt sense that sparax his real interest in the paper. So he took his guitar, lyrics and reviewed recorded version of the theme You went, quickly sent to Ávila.

Ávila saw his desire, his obsession with work and his talent, and found that she had to Miriam Alejandra Bianchi. Something that was later corroborated when Brenda traveled to Buenos Aires, showed insight noventuża b & # 39; bangs included characterizing the singer and began to examine some scenes.

"After that week & # 39; work, they have a bunch of & # 39; flowers simbolizzaw that I was chosen. Nemmenha did not, because it has always been a dream to play Gilda. Actually, his music ispiratni to do what I am, "says Brenda.

Interview with & # 39; Brenda Asnicar, future player of & # 39;

Interview with & # 39; Brenda Asnicar, future star & # 39; "Gilda, The Series". Photo: David Fernández

This Thursday 6, that & # 39; before ugly Ducklings he also sang kapela Sorry by love presentation of the series (which will begin filming in February 2019), which was accompanied by Benjamín Avila and Guillermo Pino, House from 1520, the same that made the film producer Gilda, with this love niddispjaċinax (From Lorena Muñoz, 2016), starring Natalia Oreiro.

"The series will be great, now I speak as a simple fan, everything surrounding Gilda is love. And the actress will interpret it to everything needed, Karisma, talent and heart, something fundamental in & # 39; this story ", Heard tell Uruguayan actress in the video which symbolically passing the place to Brenda.

-Did you talk to Natalia Oreiro?

-No, I did not touch. Yes, I met her some time ago when it came to participate ugly Ducklings And was spectacular. Loved the film, is very good, the quality of Chinese cinema. Video, he gave me the pass and left a long stick, so it will be me to keep the circumstances.

At the height of the circumstances. As Brenda Asnicar must be in Gilda series. Photo: David Fernández.

At the height of the circumstances. As Brenda Asnicar must be in Gilda series. Photo: David Fernández.

– You are afraid & # 39; in future comparisons?

– There will always be criticism. But focusing on those things unfit. Well I am not afraid, because with fear can not do anything what I'm doing. As Gilda mean for people and work of & # 39; Natalia. The connection with fear & # 39; is a mistake. For me is a super challenge. Undoubtedly, it is the biggest challenge of my career. As Gilda is and what it means to represent someone who was there.

– The fact that you live abroad, and to work in & # 39; international products, do you add & # 39; this story to generate interest outside Argentina?

– Do not I have no doubt yes. I also feel that Gilda has already passed many borders. The most beautiful thing in & # 39; this is how the story was as a person. It is important to say what made this woman. She came to the hearts of the people to itself, offending many things to do at that time. The fact is gardening teacher and to enter the world & # 39; bailantas, always governed by men, all to get her dream can & # 39; sing. It & # 39; valuable to pass the message to new generations & # 39; what was really courageous woman.

Transform & # 39; Brenda Asnicar to interpret to Gilda.

Transform & # 39; Brenda Asnicar to interpret to Gilda.

-Għala think the biopic about popular idols or singers are so popular today?

– me we get & # 39; share with generational change we have experienced, the need to tell people who these people were. I'm too proud to tell the story & # 39; this woman who was so great. Do not think that this is the fashion aspect of the biopic, we just can not leave the world to know this story.

– You're looking project & # 39; this style to re & # 39; start working in Argentina?

-I never prevented the cast. Yes, refused several offers & # 39; work did not have much work & # 39; to do with my artistic quest. That led me to the house in which music. The players must get used to the fact that sometimes it is very difficult to give what you want. Since one does not create his belongings, waiting to be called. I stopped waiting to call me and I started to do my music. And in & # 39; suddenly appeared this opportunity & # 39 ;, which was incredible.

Music, his life in Colombia and the different rumors

For five years Brenda Asnicar was installed in Colombia. Up there, he traveled to the serial shooting Cumbia Ninja (2013) and inħabbdet with & # 39; Alejandro De Angulo, is held in 2017. "I'm back there, I made many friends, but I'm also comes and go far", he says.

Now he made a trip to the presentation of the series, but also registration & # 39; the album will mark the release as a singer. "It's ready, always wanted to make music, came the first song and soon come Treasure, Which is a theme & # 39; love. It is very difficult to define the musical genre, because it is a true fusion ".

– M & # 39; there is no reggaeton?

-Non! I feel the thought that in a few years nobody will remember reggaetones. Reggaeton makes people dancing, good, but the lyrics is totally constructive society. Do not like the absolute women reifikazzjoni. There are things and there are things that they prompt eliminate it, I would do part of the group & # 39; emerging artists who have something really nice.

-Lidjutament, there is talk about whether your partner is a millionaire, a large amount of & # 39; Your extreme delinquency, your opinion on cases & # 39; … Taħlitilkom environmental abuse?

No I understand that it is normal. I also understand that makes me happy to talk about my private life. Not because I niħbiha, but my problems speak to a psychologist or to my friends. Punctually with respect to & # 39; my husband, is a loving person and millionaire in friends. And for my health, I always appreciate that worry. But I'm good. With tħassibx to clarify things, but the interviews are bright only when something bad happens, because one is an artist and trying to do many projects. I want to talk about these things when there is something to say. If you feel that adds nothing.

How will be the series on the life & # 39; Gilda?

The new biopic about the popular singer will have 13 episodes, which will be from Benjamín Ávila. Brenda Asnicar will be the protagonist of & # 39; Gilda, The Series which has the subtitle "Amar is a miracle".

There will also be two other actresses to Miriam Alejandra Bianchi childhood and its youth. Brenda will take office by the 18 years of the singer, until his death in 1996, due to a car accident.

Brenda Asnicar, the new Gilda.

Brenda Asnicar, the new Gilda.

B & # 39; difference from the film, the story will not be passed only by the vision & # 39; Gilda, but also the world & # 39; dance in 90 years and its characters, b & # 39; certain required licenses for fiction. It also highlights the struggle & # 39; "woman in & # 39; World & # 39; men", as said Avila.

Telefe and sound like Netflix are possible partners for its broadcast, but by 1520 they argue House who were not yet closed and evaluate different offers. Beyond the agreements, the film will begin in February or March 2019 and its release is scheduled for the second half of next year. Currently they are hired to carry out the rest of the cast.

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