Saturday , June 25 2022

Broly "bring back to Gogeta


"Dragon Ball" It is one of the most popular saguxi in history and m & # 39; there is nothing to suggest that its leaders will again let & # 39; rests. In fact, the next adventure & # 39; Goku and his allies is just around the corner, as shown by the brief appearance and hallucinatory final trailer a & # 39; "Super Dragon Ball: Broly" to bring back Gogeta.

In "Super Dragon Ball: Broly" will see how Goku and Vegeta -Gogeta are the result of the fusion of the two – face & # 39; re Saiyano called Broly will test his skills. In addition, he will let us know about the connection & # 39; Army & # 39; Freezer and enter the exciting history of the Saiyan.

Recall that Broly was until now exclusive character of Dragon Ball Z movies which Akira Toriyama was barely participated, but the creator of & # 39; this universe welcomed & # 39; the idea to recover for the occasion. In fact, "Super Dragon Ball: Broly" suppose increase its saga with the canon, Something that many fans have been asking for several decades & # 39; years.

The global prize & # 39; "Super Dragon Ball: Broly" held on 14 & # 39; November in Japan, although its massive arrival in theaters in & # 39; that the country will not be done before 14 & # 39; December. In Spain will still have to wait until 2010 February 1 to see this film directed by Tatsuya Nagamine.

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