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Brutal Femicide: He came out of prison and killed his ex in the middle of the street – 26/11/2018

A woman was stabbed to death in downtown area of ​​the city & # 39; Aristóbulo del Valle, f & # 39; Messiones, by his former partner, who three weeks ago left prison after serving a sentence attempt & # 39; feminicide and gender violence.

Cecilia Krojoski had 34 years and was surprised in the vicinity of Civic Center by her ex-husband, Miguel Feldick, a & # 39; 36 years. The attack was brutal and the woman died because of the deep wounds that gave feminicide.

The investigators believe that Miguel came out of prison with the idea that killed his former partner. And in & # 39; these days was just looking for the most opportune moment.

Cecilia was sentenced to Feldick attempt & # 39; homicide and situations & # 39; domestic violence. Justice at the time ordered the arrest and finally sentenced him to three years in prison.

Miguel served his sentence in the Criminal Unit & # 39; Oberá and in the 5 & # 39; Was released in November. Nobody could have foreseen that & # 39; re & # 39; attempt against his life.

The police found the knife with which to carry out the crime in & # 39; area & # 39; weeds.

The police found the knife with which to carry out the crime in & # 39; area & # 39; weeds.

The attack occurred Monday in & # 39; 10 on Calle Mariano Moreno. After laqtuh several times, the feminicide going broke and came knife in & # 39; area & # 39; weeds.

The woman tried to pass for help, but after a few meters it fell on the asphalt and died before receiving medical attention. The attack occurred in & # 39; Municipality meters & # 39; Aristóbulo del Valle, a town situated about 150 kilometers from Posadas.

With the information provided by witnesses who were shocked, the police made a bolt operating in the area and managed taħtafha hours on the side of national route 14.

From the Family Court & # 39; Aristóbulo del Valle said m & # 39; there is no record of the proceedings to ban reconnecting or need for police. Some believe that Cecilia never knew that his former partner was at liberty and the bow.

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