Monday , September 26 2022

Changes to notifications WhatsApp pain can give users & # 39; head


From now & # 39; forward, users receive a message in WhatsApp & # 39; & # 39 middle enclosure; relatives or are in & # 39; of & # 39; workshop, should be more careful if they want to spend time unsettling.

F & # 39; WABetaInfo recent days, the specialized site in the messaging service, came something that many saw coming, but more than one will create pain & # 39; head. WhatsApp will include notifications and previews of windows with popular & # 39; photos and videos.

"WhatsApp is launching the possibility to watch the videos directly in the push notification for any beta user of iOS to the version installed! Soon to be available to all users in the App Store", says WABetaInfo.

When a user receives a message with & # 39; photo or video, can & # 39; it seems even if the screen is blocked. Obviously, the notification must be displayed to see the full image, but it will no longer be necessary to open the phone to see the person receives content.

User & # 39; Twitter showed how this new feature & # 39; WhatsApp. "Apparently, as I mentioned: my wife can & # 39; use the new feature, but a friend & # 39; unity can not, both using the same version App Store, and not beta users in the video: iPhone a & # 39; my wife. refer to this feature (see the video in the notification), "wrote" @caschy ".

For peace of mind & # 39; those who usually receive sensitive content, everything indicates that this function can & # 39; deactivated from the menu of the application settings.

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