Tuesday , August 9 2022

China defended Suarez was sorry because Juan Darthés: "I pray for forgiveness heart"


At that time, when CALU Juan Rivero denounced Darthés harassment, there were some figures in the middle, Both men and women, which emerged in the defense of the player.

This is the case of & # 39; China Suárez, today, in light of & # 39; new and serious accusation against the former player of & # 39; Simona, Was incurred.

"Not just remember what I said a few years ago, but I also ask for forgiveness to heart ddubitatu victim simply because "me was respectful '. We all have to learn and kill the macho to carry inside once and for all ", said the actress.

Of & # 39; recalled that at the current time couple & # 39; Benjamín Vicuña stated that "Juan is one of the most respectful companions had "and that" it is a gentleman "and" m & # 39; There are many types like that ", among other things.

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