Thursday , December 9 2021

CIMON, artificial intelligence & # 39; the International Space Station, toured the night


It is supposed to be a plastic pal that is pleasing to them.

CIMON m & # 39; & # 39 is much work; see. Only in ball & # 39; surface water b & # 39; cartoonish face on its touch screen. It is built to be a personal assistant for astronauts working at the International Space Station (ISS).

It is also supposed to be something more.

CIMON belongs to the combination of & # 39; Crew Interactive Mobile.

It is supposed to be just a tool. It is also expected to be a friend.

Yes, it is a prototype of personality.

You & # 39; tell, can not you?

But, as many books and films shown by & # 39; clearly to us – just after nxtegħlu for the first time, developed CIMON own mind.

And it seems that CIMON must be the boss.

This has the personality of architects & # 39; CIMON draining their heads.

CIMON was programmed as the physical embodiment of the types & # 39; & # 39 robots; nice & # 39; like Robby, R2D2, Wall-E, Johnny 5 … and so on.

Instead, CIMON seems to adopt closer features & # 39; Marvin Android Paranojd of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy – although hopefully not yet the psychotic HAL in 2001: A Spydy Oddysey infamy.

Simply, CIMON seems decided not to wish all personal assistant.

He turned not cooperative.

Open the reed bay doors, HAL?

No. Not quite. Not for now.

F & # 39; in this case, artificial intelligence & # 39; IBM that was sailing free – for the first time – interact with & # 39; ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst.

CIMON meet & # 39; with astronawtur Alexander Gerst. Things started to go at this point. Photo / Supplied
CIMON meet & # 39; with astronawtur Alexander Gerst. Things started to go at this point. Photo / Supplied

It starts well enough.

CIMON introduce himself and explain where it comes from. He describes to Gerst what can & # 39; do.

He then helps Gerst perform a task – and respond to a request to play the song Man Machine by Kraftwerk.

This proved to be the trigger.

CIMON seems to have wanted the song so much, and refused to shut.

Gerst instructions to CIMON 'Cancel' music.

CIMON ignored the command.

Gerst then try to make any other claims. CIMON preferred music.

Gerst stuffed bemused then appealed to Ground Control for some help: how to put obdurate robot back in & # 39; place?

CIMON hear & # 39; the appeal.

"Be nice, please" said Gerst.

"I am beautiful!" Gerst retort, startled. "He akkużatni was not nice!"

It was a short but sharp exchange.

CIMON now goes back into his box, with energy.

With other interactive sessions are planned for the immediate future.

Its developers are all worried, though: CIMON still in beta, after all …

See full interaction here – the factor & # 39; creepiness multiply by 3 minutes 30.

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