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Clerc, f & # 39; shock after the attack: "They gave me hard and even" – 12/03/2018


The violent attack suffered by former tennis player José Luis Clerc (60), on Friday happened at his home in & # 39; Olivos, a block and a half from Fifth presidency, left all xokkata family . "It's a tremendous psychological shock can not recover from", admitted Batata Monday morning.

"We are all very bad, To invade your privacy in the way made it very difficult ", said the current TV commentator, after the criminals threatened to take one of their daughters & # 39; away.

In addition, he was surprised that the event took place in & # 39; & # 39 spot with, great safety. "I never thought that one can & # 39; passes, especially in & # 39; this area, spent many years in & # 39; La Horqueta. A block and a half where Mauricio (MACRI) is really impressive"He said.

Consulted if he thinks that there was a plan to materialize theft, said: "He touched and he touched me."

Clerc thanked officials of the province that sent him after theft. "I am delighted that the (Security Minister) Cristian Ritondo mejja, and (the head of the Police & # 39; Buenos Aires) Fabián Perron, the Municipality & # 39; Vicente López and, above all, the Prosecutor Martín Gómez, who are working hard.

"They are working, I hope they are caught and change all citizens, as all G20 went safely to their homes"He said.

Former tennis player confirmed he was beaten by assailants. "They hit me on the head with & # 39; bottom & # 39; rifle. They gave me hard and even, But what was most worried were two small ones that were with me, "he said.

"If you do not give everything, we'll take one of the girls"B & # 39; this threat, three armed robbers stole money, jewelry, tablets and mobile phones from the house of former tennis player, f & # 39; Monastery in 1800.

It all started about 20 on Friday when Clerc was in the garden with his children and decided to go to the property. Here he met & # 39; to & # 39; three heavily armed robbers who entered without forcing a door or window.

One criminal recognized him and then gave him a butt of & # 39; rifle on the head to control it. Then, the children took the tennis player on the side of & # 39; back of the house. Meanwhile, Clerc was linked & # 39; & # 39 seats with; tie and started asking money. It was f & # 39; that moment the intruders threatened to former player seized by girls.

The first player told the thieves where there was some money, jewelry and electronics to be issued. In addition, a car was tistennahom where there was a fourth accomplice. Once the assailants fled, Clerc called the police.

Clerc, the opening of the Olympic Village in & # 39; Solidati. Photo: Andres D & # 39; Elia

Clerc, the opening of the Olympic Village in & # 39; Solidati. Photo: Andres D & # 39; Elia

Once the police began to search the house, they set the house doors & # 39; Clerc had neither doors nor broken windows, so it is estimated that the offenders had keys to the property. F & # 39; this regard, researchers suspect the working environment of the former tennis player.

The force robbery in & # 39; time when there was an operation with & # 39; robust of & # 39; security in the Olivos area, as in & # 39; various points north of Conurbano, due to G20 Summit f & # 39; Bus Buenos Aires and meetings held in the Fifth presidency.

Although the house & # 39; Clerc was not included road b & # 39; restricting traffic flowing, is just blocks Malaver and a half, one side of the residence.

The tennis player, who left from the decade of the '80s – became the number 4 in the world, had already been attacked in 1997 when he lived in & # 39; home in the neighborhood of & # 39; La Horqueta in part & # 39; San Isidro.

Then, he suffered another robbery in 2007, when he came in his house in & # 39; San Fernando country.

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