Sunday , June 11 2023

Closing the tragic day in & # 39; Entre Ríos: discharged into the pool and suffered the spinal injury


What should be a celebration ended in tragedy. Ignacio "Nacho" Gómez, young entrerriano, had run in & # 39; urgency, after his friends tawhlu set to celebrate its 28th year.

The young man fell ill in water and suffered the spinal injury. Immediately, it was referred to the hospital & # 39; Parana. The surgery went well and now Gomez has remediate himself to recover.

"The operation went well, thank you all for your prayers, now the recovery continues," wrote the boys on Facebook.

According to the newspaper Clar, Gómez is a faithful member of the Catholic community and active participant & # 39; religious organization in & # 39; Parana, so messages & # 39; support, solidarity and & # 39; prayer chains is too transient to do desire & # 39; immediate recovery.

Guillermo, father of the victim, told a local radio station that "when they will cast & # 39; him in the pool, the boy was carrying stumbled and knee hurts head, press on sideru and caused -kontużjoni. "

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