Thursday , June 30 2022

Copa Argentina: the end of & # 39; illusion to River | river Plate



Germán Balcarce

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16th consecutive victory & # 39; River in Copa Argentina had their last tonight. Is the Millionaire could not take advantage of its favorable moments to defeat Gymnastics and Fencing La Plata two phases previously loaded in & # 39; Boca. Although he had twice and even had another player for a few minutes, he never managed to exploit its circumstances to stretch the gap and ended up paying with elimination.

Marcelo Gallardo ordered 4-3-2-1 with the same names had at & # 39; mind for the frustrated revolution against its eternal rival. The idea of ​​& # 39; brochures him the volume of the game, the speed at & # 39; several deadlines and clear domain. However, opening the scoring force thanks to a free kick & # 39; Gonzalo Martínez. The number 10 River caused constant risk through its deficit. It caused fouls until left with Wolf & # 39; at least turn the double yellow & # 39; Ezequiel Bonifacio, who Hallah twice. F & # 39; that moment, f & # 39; 39 minutes of the initial stage, the game was 1-1 because Lorenzo had indicated Faravelli equality in & # 39; bad period Franco Armani.

River again & # 39; to put Ignacio Fernandez allowed Lucas Pratto great to resolve outstanding and gave him 2-1 at the start of the second part. But no shock required by Javier Pinola to Maximiliano Coronel, emerged from the Greatest. Santiago Silva, a nightmare for Millionaire, won Jonatan Maidana in & # 39; & # 39 corner, 2-2.

A ball set again caused problems to the river. Although Muñeco increased the strikers to end with & # 39; three attackers, he did not have enough preparation in the last minute to re & # 39; take advantage. That is why it went to penalties of & # 39; penalty, which did not have the same purpose as Gymnastics. Pratto stung his execution and Maidana kicked high. The Millionaire consequently been endless or a chance to win the title for the third consecutive edition. Now, to get & # 39; think about the liberators.

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