Sunday , June 26 2022

Coudet take hands: the eleven possible & # 39; Racing


The leader Superliga Argentina Talleres de Ftbol visits, a & # 39; Crdoba to 14 the number of local tournament date. The game & # 39; Racing, Eduardo "Chacho" Coudet, must make some changes to the starting team. The first variant is mandatory, Ivn Pillud came to Renzo Saravia. The player is significant drop and could not be reached because the five yellow.

Another modification is the introduction of & # 39; Eugenio Mena, on the left side, and begins Lucas Orban. Mena, with no sequence for pain in the right heel and once the suspension & # 39; appearance due to the accumulation of & # 39; Yellow completed, go back to the left side. Racing comes from outstanding performance against Banfield, although the score was 0-0 full winnings. "The goal was to rival other again & # 39; figure, the game was a monologue, we handled the ball and tried all the time", DT said after the game in the last weekend.

The main surprise was that & # 39; Zaracho Matas, who is already recovering from right knee, will return to the line up. Instead, Coudet, I decided to do a Neri Cardozo out. So the eleven possible holder can & # 39; is: Garca; Pillud, Sigal, Donatti, Mena; Domnguez; Centuri, Zaracho, Fernndez Pole; Cristaldo and licha Lpez

Gabriel Arias, the keeper racing, received authorization to resume medical body & # 39; play, having overcome the breach in the hand and is in the best position to return to tackle. However, the manager is inclined to leave Javier Garca as the first for this game against Talleres to his recovery both ends.

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