Saturday , July 24 2021

Crazy about the eclipse of the moon in & # 39; Tucuman: the fans who gathered to observe the phenomenon in the middle & # 39; nowhere

Away from the noise and artificial lighting, decided group & # 39; the astronomy lovers Isolate yourself in the "middle & # 39; nowhere" to enjoy the lunar eclipse a & # 39; this Sunday. It was a group & # 39; 25 people who joined & # 39; proposal & # 39; the Astronomy Observatory & # 39; Ampimpa to stand in the & # 39; some cabins located in the Calchaquíes Valleys, in & # 39; Tucuman, to register the "Superluna blood" in the row & # 39; before.

The phenomenon began in 23.37 on Sunday, and ended at 4:48 on Monday, aroused the curiosity of & # 39; many fans did not want to miss the great event of the year.

As you can see from any corner of the country, offer & # 39; activities to watch the eclipse was very varied. B & # 39; in particular, those included exhibition & # 39; musical background. But there was a small group & # 39; people preferred to get away from everything for Live a more natural experience.

Having entered the Valleis of & # 39; Calchaquíes, those people who love astronomy joined the initiative & # 39; Observatory, which is at a height of 2500 meters at sea level.

F & # 39; this privileged location, they could see the first astronomical phenomenon of the year in silence. Moreover, many of them brought their equipment to take photos and have the "Supermoon blood records".

The phases & # 39; eclipse of the moon.
The phases & # 39; eclipse of the moon.

S & # 39; is eclipse of the moon

Eclipse Lunarja is astronomical phenomenon that occurs when the Earth passes directly between the Moon and the Sun, causing the Earth to project and generate a shadow on the Moon. To this end, the three celestial bodies are required to be perfectly aligned.

Eclipse Lunarji occur near the full moon phase, and can be observed from large areas of the Earth's surface, particularly all the hemisphere that is not illuminated by the Sun, until the Moon is on the horizon.

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