Friday , December 3 2021

Cristian Ritondo, with the death of militant CTEP: "If there is bad police procedure, they will be sanctioned"


From the union organization they claim to Orellana died as a result of & # 39; bullet, something confirmed the Prosecutor Julio Conte Grand, and accused the security forces. From the Ministry of Security of the Province & # 39; Buenos Aires, they indicated that they reached the scene found two factions starring in a violent fight that included verbal and physical crosses, and even gunfire.

The Security Minister & # 39; Buenos Aires, Cristian Ritondo assures "If there are bad police procedure, they are sanctioned", While staff reported that Internal Affairs is already investigating the matter.

"The Home Affairs, since we charge, investigajna everything and if there is a bad proceeding of the police, they will be sanctioned, but we also studying the first call to 911"Said the official.

F & # 39; this sense, Ritondo affirmed "The first communication tidħolna is due to denounce confrontation where there were bullets and wounded; just had ordered the release of police"

The official added that the audio had been sent to Justice. In the case, the prosecutor Jorge Yametti, the Thematic homicides of UFI of the Judicial Department & # 39; La Matanza, intervene.

Moreover, Ritondo said that work is ongoing to determine where the shot emerged. "The Prosecutor (Grand Conte) said that there are two hypotheses; One, which emerged from the confrontation between the two sectors to challenge that property, and the other is wrong action of the police. In both cases we will collaborate so that the truth be known"Underlined.

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