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Cristina adopted Pablo, a child with HIV, and changed his life


"Pablito waited for me every morning that sticks to the bars of the crib smiling and there was when I realized that I wanted to always be with me. This brought great joy to the family at a difficult time", says Cristina Agüero, nurse and mother & # 39 ; Pablo Valenzuela, child & # 39; 18-year-old who lives with Virus & # 39; (HIV) through & # 39; Vertical transmission of & # 39; his biological mother during labor.

The story begins when Pablo, Pablito, as everyone tells you, come at a delicate state of Heller & # 39; health due to untreated HIV. And it was Cristina considering how many families abandoned substitutes when they found their diagnosis. "I always came home crying, I wanted to bring with me. F & # 39; then I had a baby a few months younger than Pablito and thought how can not have the same conditions as my children. My husband told us," tressaqh and has said "yes", says Cristina, who also teaches at the school Marcelino Champagnat in generalized care and maternal and child.

It was so one day return to its franc Cristina and Pablito when searching for is not found. "They have adopted it," he thought. Unless the doctor on duty said: "Pablito is offers" and Cristina ended up looking for him. That same noon made the papers as the family & # 39; replacement. "It was cheaper to adopt Pablo in the neighborhood and for our family but the truth was a great cold. F & # 39; that moment the ex-husband was going through a hard time and għamelna consider returning to Córdoba. However, with his arrival was like something was open and everything that came after was just a lot, "he says and adds that bundle & # 39; to & # 39; baby in & # 39; each arm.

F & # 39; at that time I was daughter & # 39; 10 years, one of the youngest child and 7 months Pablito.

Nothing was light on the road and the more "weighed" were prejudices and comments & # 39; others. "What, do not think about your other children?" "And if they are infected?" All questions have a clear answer: when there is misinformation, prejudices come since HIV is not transmitted by a hug, a kiss, sharing & # 39; day, nor sexually until protect

HIV first person

"Without HIV, do not have the life I have now, you do not have a mother, friends, class, school and girlfriend that I have. It would be my other life," says Pablo Valenzuela b & # 39; integrity and a smile on the face.

Network State & # 39; Youth and Adolescents Positives & # 39; Argentina (Rajap), Pablo recently commented in school to attend, EPEA 2, who has lived with HIV. "We were in a class of & # 39; biology teacher and began to say that people living with HIV have constant fatigue. I raised their hands and told them I was live with the virus," he adds. In the classroom, the bustle fell and everyone started listening & # 39; witnesses. Everyone was surprised and followed as if nothing had happened.

Pablo lives with the disease since he was a baby and although knowing x & # 39; was undergoing relatives days, after administration of & # 39; & # counseling discovered that can 39; have life as "normal" as the others if they took the drug.

"The first girlfriend I had, when I was told I was positive HIV, disappeared as if by magic. But now I'm cure girl qaletha it reacted very well because I do not nħassibx and if I take care of & # 39; myself take also intends. And later when I have to I & # 39; even my own children, "he said calmly.

Campaign to promote sexuality b & # 39; robust and responsible

From Province was reported today being launched ministerial campaign on Sexual Health, which will last throughout 2019 and aims to promote sexuality b & # 39; robust and responsible to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and HIV-AIDS. Will emphasize the need to use preservation as the only way to prevent the spread of & # 39; STDs and HIV-AIDS and universal testing.

Includes actions in the summer.

Today in the Park & ​​# 39; Valentina Norte, at 5: 00 pm, the staff & # 39; the hospital & # 39; Heller will provide information on sexually transmitted diseases and make rapid tests.

18 in the field of sports & # 39; Rhode Street and Joaquín Pardo will be activity & # 39; outreach to commemorate the date.

F & # 39; Chos Malal, f & # 39; December 5 at & # 39; Sarmiento Plaza, from 9 to 14, people can take the test.

On the other hand, the Las Laja Hospital and the Municipality organized a day & # 39; testing the Artisans Fair.

Today marks the International Day of Fight against HIV-AIDS. The aim is to raise awareness of the importance of prevention and detection.

The importance of detection and treatment

Ricardo Gaiser, in charge of the provincial program & # 39; HIV-AIDS explained that the strategy & # 39; the World Health Organization (WHO) is based on a 90-90-90: "The first aim to diagnose 90% 90 B & # 39; fortunate to national projections give 70%, making 30% are infected do not know their diagnosis ".

The other 90 refers to 90% of people who have been diagnosed receive their treatment. "Today drugs are covered," said Gaiser.

The last 90 refers to the need to ensure that 90% of people receiving antiretroviral therapy "viral load can not be measured, ie, b & # 39; suppressed load. Today we know that when we treat & # 39; successful transmission is very low ", explained.

The tests may be performed in centers & # 39; Prevention, Counseling and Testing (Cepat): One works in a hospital in Castro Rendon 14; in Heller Hospital, Wednesday in & # 39; noon; the hospital & # 39; Roldán bouquet on a & # 39; Two of 12 to 14 and in the health center & # 39; San Lorenzo Norte, on a & # 39; Tuesday morning.

"May be made without medical order and are free. They give advice and in 15 minutes you have the result," he said.

Gaiser informed that there are about 750 patients in the province under treatment in the public system, ie, without social cover. He added that between 10 and 11 new cases are diagnosed each month. "The average age of our diagnosis is between 34 and 35 years. Of these 20% are diagnosed with AIDS, not HIV," he said and noted that 15% of the total are people & # 39; more than 50 years. Adrián Morales, head of the service infettoloġija of & # 39; Castro Rendon, said that this disease "can not yet be Cured but very effective treatment & # 39; antivirals." He pointed out that by "proper care the person can not transmit the infection to others. That is why it is important that everyone has test & # 39; HIV at least once in their lives."

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