Wednesday , December 8 2021

Curiosity rover spots "shiny" object on Mars


Last month marked a new pen for space exploration, because the Insight installation became the first NASA probe came in & # 39; Mars and is b & # 39; success since the rover Curiosity made in -2012.

But Curiosity will not swiftly in the night, and let a new friend steal all the attention – the seventh & # 39; Rover year discovered object "shiny" really can & # 39; be a meteorite.

F & # 39; update mission stationed 28 & # 39; November, NASA notes that Curiosity is drilling in place of & # 39; Highfield and will give more insight on four & # 39; specimens, including one known as "Little Colonsay".

"The planning team thinks it can & # 39; be a meteorite because it is so shiny," NASA wrote in the update task. "But looks can & # 39; deceive, and the proof comes only from chemistry."

The space agency said she missed "Little Colonsay" f & # 39; previous attempts and will use that information to re & # 39; try, using ChemCam instrument Rover to confirm the shape of the object.

There are three other targets are given special attention, including "Flanders Moss" NASA said that "shows an interesting coating & # 39; dark color, which the chemical is needed to confirm its nature".

There are two other goals, known as "Forres" and "Eildon", that Curiosity will investigate further before leaving the site & # 39; Highfield.

This article originally appeared on Fox News and has been reproduced with permission

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