Friday , August 12 2022

Cut the hole samples & # 39; Soyuz in space


Two Russian cosmonauts have used knives and shears to jaqtaw samples from about a hole in the Soyuz spacecraft, which Moscow says could have been caused by a drill.

The space agency Roscosmos says if you want to find the puncture & # 39; 2mm done on Earth or in space.

It excluded manufacturing defect and could tell & # 39; it was deliberate sabotage, but nasa had such speculation.

The hole "small but dangerous" found in MS-09 Soyuz craft, which was connected to & # 39; the International Space Station, has now been sealed.

Leakages & # 39; oxygen was stopped and the pressure & # 39; Air has stabilized, although the three astronauts & # 39; the United States, two Russian Cosmonauts and one German were never molds that were in danger.

Oleg Kononenko and Spacewalk of & # 39; Sergey Prokopyev described as "unprecedented in its complexity".

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