Thursday , December 9 2021

"Definitely put the money you …", destroyed Jorge Rial


for Jorge Rial m & # 39; no half measures. He always bet on love, though in its relations never had the happy ending. We consider him a man in love, giving everything for his beloved, and this is what perhaps more drop & # 39; in love with women who were with him. Your current partner, Romina Pereiro, Which he has just begun the existence and says he wants to marry, is living a very special moment. I publish the news with great pride by & # 39; social networks.

the – journalist wanted to share with his followers the happy news that nutritionists he just published his book "Who eats! Health, friendly and rich", and he has a message & # 39; offer him publicly. Today your book issue. I witness & # 39; effort and recoveries to put it. Before the computer search the word right or accurate data. Always with your smile and the love you feel for your work. Not just any book, is the product of your passion to help. "

"I am proud of you, I think it is the beginning of & # 39; something bigger in your life, it is enough to see your face to know that you made the best wood, and for that reason, and other things, I love you Deeply. all your, I expressed b & # 39; big forward -… The driver of intrużur, sharing the cover of the book of your partner.

Consequently, although there were many users & # 39; Internet interested in acquiring the recent publication of nutritionists, there were others who left negative messages Jorge, to ensure that Pereiro is taking advantage of it to have fame. "If I did not know how to cook in & # 39; Weight Matter! It's a disaster! You put the money for the book, always the same, with nbiddilx, with nibqgħux some time and you shared, and disappears from the TV as others! ", was one of the views.

In addition, there was also a place for ironas: "hahaha, effort and claw, it is true, you have to catch and stomach to keep and be able to make the book", said followed. Then, another person noticed Rial "has never been sincere man." His wife said, "and I felt made me want & # 39; in love, is the great love of my life ', then read it. It navigate and he will end up like the others, is the hardest thing he ever knew, including himself ħabbuh friend. His daughter, his love made ill. The universe is very strong, Rial. Be careful, you will end up bursting like taking reluctantly, "they qarrbuh.

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