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Dengue: how to look after you yourself after the first confirmed cases of 2019 at & # 39; Buenos Aires and Misiones

Two adults and two children are The first four confirmed dengue cases where to go by – in 2019 – IP City & # 39; Buenos Aires, Who contracted the – virus in trip Brazil and are out of danger, said the Ministry of Health & # 39; Buenos Aires.

There are two children and one adult who traveled together, and another man who traveled alone to the neighboring country, and none of them had to be interned. As explained by the Health portfolio, these cases are imported with a trip to Brazil and m & # 39; no indigenous cases of dengue registered in the & # 39; now. The patients were treated in public hospitals -Pirovano, Tornú and Elizalde- and withdrew to their homes.

dengue is a viral disease and it is only transmitted through Aedes aegypti mosquito bite. The disease is seasonal and appears during the warmer months and all humans are exposed to contracting the disease.

"Those who travel to countries with dengue, should return immediately to the nearest doctor, hospital or health service to perform preventive control," recommended by Health.

Meanwhile, The first case of dengue f'Misiones confirmed Friday the other by the head of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Public Health, Jorge Gutiérrez, who reported that a man from the city of Puerto Iguazu was the first this year to contract foot and turn there were three suspects who have been dropped.

He said that the head of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Public Health Miżjonije, Jorge Gutiérrez, received a "4 suspected cases & # 39; dengue in the city & # 39; Puerto Iguazu, of which three were discarded, "he said. "There is a positive case, a man from the neighborhood & # 39; of & # 39 ORQUIDEA, Puerto Iguazu it was not ambulatory and hospital had tested positive for DEN 1," explained the official. "It's the first event of the year and generally smaller than what we expected, But leads to enable careful and nħaffnux because the fact that there are few cases does not mean that everybody ".


Take home!

One of the priorities is to identify this type of & # 39; mosquitoes and know how to transmit the disease:

• The Aedes aegypti is black, his feet are white and black, Living in homes and in & # 39; shady places and cold. He raised f & # 39; to accumulate water containers and objects.

• It habits throughout the day and usually leave in the first hours of the day, mid-morning, and at & # 39; dusk.

• When the woman feed Bloody sick person and then itch to another person, it sends the disease.

S & # 39; we can do to eradicate from our homes?

If we all work together as deliver these simple but effective actions, we destroyed the larvae and mosquitoes can not reproduce, therefore, will be protected by their bites:

• Clean, inbarax and dry the inside of & # 39; inside containers that can collect water, inside or outside the home.

• Renew water of vases and animal drinkers every day.

• Avoid getting plant Water (POTUS, sticks, water, etc.), moist għerqhom f'ramel.

• Remove items that can not be used (bottles, cans, tires) that can accumulate water.

• Place the containers upside unused & # 39; below (buckets, jars, pots).

• Cover the containers to store water (tanks, vats, barrels).

• Hole, broken, broken or put sand in & # 39; those containers can not be eliminated and may constitute potential sites for mosquito breeding.

• Clean rain gutters and household drains.

• Dispose of f'mandotti boiling water and grids to remove the eggs from the walls, and cover drawing mosquito nets.

• Torbixx bottles for trees and beds.

• Thoroughly clean the pot containers or use them.

• Post mosquito nets or metallic fabrics in housing openings.

• Weapons small containers in & # 39; plastic bags and place them on the pavement from Sunday to Friday from 8 pm to 9 & # 39; evening.

Personal care and the first symptoms

In the presence of & # 39; mosquitoes and to avoid given we apply the spray, cream or liquid repellent on body parts not covered by clothing. It is also important to use spiral, pills or liquids to repel.

And if we have fever, muscle aches, joint pain, fatigue, headaches (Especially in the part & # 39; eyes), rash, nausea or vomiting, all symptoms that can be identified with disease transmitted by the Aedes aegypti, medical consultation and we do not infermaw themselves.

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