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Deposit purchased abandoned and found US $ 7 million


Wednesday, 28 & # 39; November, 2018 22:40

The money was safe. As soon as the news was known, contacted a lawyer to ask for money. Negotiations

man who bought an abandoned warehouse in – United States He gained great surprise: inside, There was secure b & # 39; 7.5 million dollars.

The person responsible for revealing the news was the auctioneer This Dotson, known to the program Who gives more? (Wars of storage, in English). The driver of the cycle, which is broadcast on channel A & E, said through & # 39; video as was the unusual discovery.

The buyer had purchased the unit for only 500 dollars. When ċċekkjaha, to make an inventory and calculate how much money can & # 39; obtains the items there, he discovered that there was a safe. And, to his shame, was filled cash.

However, the man could not keep the entire treasure. "They received a call, mysterious, a lawyer representing the person who had lost the money. They offrewhom 600 thousand dollars after rduppjawha 1.2 million," Dotson explained in the registration.

This Dotson and his wife Laura are auctioneers program. Who gives more?
This Dotson and his wife Laura are auctioneers Program Who & # 39; s More?
Finally, the buyer accepted the offer and kept the prize in exchange to bring the remaining money.



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