Wednesday , March 22 2023

Diario Uno – Riquelme: "I can not believe what happened"


The grand final between River Plate and Boca Juniors for Copa Libertadores de América was the victim of misfits who are always players in football. It Xeneize when the bus approached the area of ​​& # 39; Antonio Vespucio Liberti Stadium, between ten and fifteen millionaire fled lamp flat objects in the micro glass and have injured players. Also, players have suffered the effects of tear gas that threw security zone.

After announcing the rescheduling of the meeting for this Sunday at & # 39; 17 at the Monumental, different characters from the world of sport talked about. Juan Román Riquelme, invited to the "Pasion por el Fútbol" do not want to be exempted from the issue.

Former Club midfielder & # 39; La Ribera is one of the authorized term in the environment of blue and gold. B & # 39; as measured, he said: "Are people, the game does not matter anymore, the most important thing is that no player is injured & # 39; seriously, the rest is concerned, I spoke with Atari 39, some of those who are there. health is important, because it was time something happened like on the court & # 39; Boca. I can not believe how we live like this, ought to be part of "

Juan Roman continued his testimony stating that justice has not acted properly and that what happened is inverosibbli. "I am exhausted, tired of seeing everything that happened, to see people discarding stones and those around with nothing to do, do not prevent them, we should be thinking and thank that we should Boca interned players. What happened," said the former football player & # 39; 40 years.

He also referred to the reprogramming of confrontation and indicated it can & # 39; there is a possibility that the collation will be delayed for a few days. "It's a game, it's sport, you win, you will win one, you will play ninety minutes, instead take pride in the biggest teams in the country are in the final, we will have to talk about it. The day was very bad for both teams, if players & # 39; Boca were in & # 39; position to play, looking at Gallardo, which is a calm person, I think it will not be fired until his rivals are f & # 39, good condition, "Román closed. , Who wore the shirt & # 39; Boca in 388 chance.

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